Rivergate Software Lowers Price of DVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition to $698, Will Release Universal Binaries

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DVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition is used to revise and enhance DVD's prior to mastering, without the need to repeat an extensive authoring process. By lowering the price to $698, Rivergate Software now makes it affordable for a larger segment of the rapidly-growing independent DVD Authoring community. Universal Binaries will allow DVDAfterEdit to run natively at full speed on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Rivergate Software Inc. has lowered the price of DVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition to $698 from its previous price of $1295. DVDAfterEdit (Standard) remains at $349, with the upgrade from Standard to Mastering Edition now also at $349 (from its previous $895).

DVDAfterEdit is a Macintosh program for making changes to a DVD after it has been authored by another DVD Authoring program, requiring only the finished DVD on hard drive or other media. These changes are made directly to the "VIDEO_TS" folder on the hard drive, which is an exact copy of the data that is on every DVD. Then a revised DVD may be "burned" with an application such as Toast on the Macintosh or Nero on a PC, and multiple copies made on the user's computer, or by a DVD Duplication facility that uses banks of DVD burners to make larger numbers of copies.

DVDAfterEdit also offers Tracer, a built-in DVD player and debugger. Tracer allows you to watch navigation commands as they execute during playback of a DVD, while displaying changes in the General and System Parameters of the DVD as they occur. Through its emulation of a DVD Specification-compliant DVD player, its remote operations, plus debugging control much like a C++ IDE (integrated development environment), Tracer gives you complete control for analyzing and debugging how a DVD's programming performs.

DVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition adds the capability to produce a DDP Image for Pre-Mastering, either on hard drive, DLT, or other media, for submission to a replication facility in order to manufacture larger quantities of the DVD from a glass master. This process is more reliable than straight duplication, since DVD's made from a glass master are more highly reflective and easier to read by the DVD player. Also this process is capable of producing thousands or even millions of DVD's, and is much cheaper per disc in higher quantities.

Mastering Edition can also read a DDP image from tape or other media and convert it to a VIDEO_TS folder for further editing and output. Such images are almost always "in the clear", even if the DDP was marked for CSS encryption and/or Macrovision, since the actual application of the encryption is done at the replication facility.

DVDAfterEdit and DVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition both run extremely well on Intel Macs under Apple's PowerPC emulation mode. This is because much of the underlying IO (input/output) is already being done natively in Mac OSX and QuickTime. However Rivergate also is announcing plans to stay at the forefront of Macintosh development by developing Universal Binary versions of DVDAfterEdit that will run natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Pricing and availability of upgrades to the Universal Binary versions have not yet been set, and will be announced later this year.

About Rivergate Software

Rivergate Software Inc., located in Coloma California, develops and markets software for Video and DVD production. Its flagship product, DVDAfterEdit, is fully DVD Spec-compliant and has been developed and tested with the top DVD verification tools in the industry.


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