Apple Store Presents FrameForge Previz 3 Events in Los Angeles and NYC

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Go beyond 2D storyboarding to the power of 3D Previsualization. Big budget films have long used 3D previsualization because it works, saving time and money at every stage of the production process. FrameForge brings this power to your desktop, letting you explore, sharpen and ultimately realize your vision for any film, TV or commercial in optically accurate 3D.

Los Angeles, CA - New York, NY (PRWEB) April 22, 2006 -- Mark these dates on the caldenar Apr. 30, May 4, May 6, 2006

Apple Store Santa Monica, CA - April 30, 2006, 4-5pm, RSVP (310) 576-1011

Apple Store The Grove, Los Angeles - May 4, 2006, 7-8pm, RSVP (323) 965-8400

Apple Store SoHo, NYC - May 6, 2006, 7-9pm, RSVP (212) 226-3126

Marketing Director Ethan Markowitz, will show that FrameForge 3D Studio is the 3D Previsualization & Storyboarding program for directors, writers, cinematographers, advertising executives and anyone else who wants to bring their vision alive. Work in its easy-to-use, optically accurate virtual studio as if you were on set, but without the time and money pressures of having a crew waiting on you.

Realize your creative vision in a fluid 3D setting, then print out optically accurate storyboards that not only includes your shots, but also overhead layouts of all set elements and relevant camera information such as height, focal length, depth of field and more.

3D Made Easy --

FrameForge 3D Studio is so easy to use that anyone can be up and running with it in minutes, with no animation or 3D experience at all!

  •     Intuitive Virtual Control Room interface employs the ideas and concepts that filmmakers use, so you’re instantly ready to go to work.
  •     Room Builder™ makes building sets and interiors as easy as sketching out a quick blueprint and clicking the build button.
  •     Chessboard Movement lets you drag around actors and objects as if you were sliding them across a chessboard.
  •     Predefined Relationships do the work of placing actors in chairs and cars, or putting things in their hands for you!

"I consider FrameForge the finest previsualization software I've ever seen."

  • Bill Dill, ASC (American Society of Cinematographers)

Real Previsualization, Not Just Storyboarding --

Unlike 2D storyboards and storyboarding programs, Frame¬Forge doesn’t rely on forced perspective and guesswork to imagine what a camera will see. Its virtual cameras are thoroughly grounded in the physics of optics and the realities of lenses, locations and camera packages. That means that when you prepare with FrameForge, you’ll know what you’ll be able shoot in the space with your equipment… and what you can’t!

Promote and Sell Your Vision --

You’ll be able to show that you know what you want and how you’ll get it with beautifully printed storyboards in photo-realistic 3D, cartoon or sketch styles. Or export your storyboards to Macromedia® Flash™, Keynote™, Final Cut™, HTML pages, or PDF, to create convincing animatic demonstrations of your ideas and storylines.

“An executive at Twentieth Century liked my script, but he asked 'how would you shoot it?' I whipped out a storyboard created with FrameForge and increased my credibility a thousand percent. FrameForge showed I knew what I wanted and how to get it.” – Bill Ferber, Writer/Director

Solve Problems Before You Shoot --

Big studio pictures use true 3D Previsualization because it works, both to save time and money and to enhance creativity. FrameForge 3D Studio brings that power to anyone, easily letting you:

  •     Explore and experiment with your vision in a virtual 3D set, letting you find angles and visual themes you might not have considered otherwise.
  •     Only prepare shots that are actually possible, saving you from chasing impossible shots when the cast/crew $clock$ is ticking.
  •     Spot problems in visual dramatic flow long before you arrive on the set
  •     Give you the in-depth familiarity with your locations so you can better adapt to changing production, schedule and budget conditions.


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