Coastal Vacations Members Now Earn $3000 and $1000 Checks Before First Training Sale

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The ability to earn big commissions on their first day, along with the maximum support provided by a winning system, is driving business to the Coastal Vacations Sales Center in big numbers. Experienced network marketers and novices easily understand the advantages of a system that requires no personal selling and is producing record sales.

Aided by the maximum support provided to them, new Coastal Vacations members are now earning $3000 and $1000 commissions before they complete their first training sale. The maximum support provided by Coastal Vacations' fastest growing and largest group and the revolutionary "fast cash" pay plan are a winning combination that is knocking out the competition.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center's "fast cash" pay plan is getting rave reviews from expert network marketers and novices. The ability to earn immediate commissions allows new members to reinvest a portion of their earnings back into their business quickly, allowing them to produce even more income faster.

Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino hosts member training and Discovery Q&A calls for the largest and fastest growing group in the Coastal community. He explained why his group's pay plan was producing so many more sales. "Our members can earn commissions of $3000 or $1000 on their very first sale. Contrast that with the traditional pay plan where new members must pass their first 2 sales up to their sponsor before they have the opportunity to earn a dime."

Marino understands the criticism he is hearing from those who work the traditional business model. "The dirty little truth is that in any traditional home based business 95% of those who get started never earn a check. Under the traditional pay plan, new members may be able to bring a friend or relative into the business as their first training sale before they realize it is much harder to convince strangers to join. Traditional sponsors have grown accustomed to the additional income those training sales bring before their new members realize they can't sell to strangers and give up. We were able to offer the improved pay plan because our members can produce more sales, faster with our simple, duplicatable, no selling system. Simply put, our members are able to produce sales even if they lack sales skills."

Marino, a California based Level 3 Director, explained that some sponsors go as far as trying to convince would-be members that sales skills are not required to have success in the traditional business. However, that propaganda is hard to swallow for those that do the proper research.

Prospective Coastal Vacations members can easily find evidence that the traditional business model will require them to learn selling techniques. Three of the four speakers under contract to teach at a major Coastal conference in Orlando this September are sales trainers. They are Todd Falcone, Doug Firebaugh, and Tom Goetschius. The fourth speaker, Gary Coxe, will help members overcome the fear of cold calling.

Sales techniques are a major part of training calls conducted by the Board of Directors and the Coastal Synergy Group. In fact, the latter is conducting sales training events in Illinois and Pennsylvania this year, and has even conducted a training call for their members with master sales trainer Zig Ziglar. Yet another group has scheduled sales training with Dani Johnson.

Coastal Vacations has explained for years that their members are in direct sales, not MLM members. Peruse books on network marketing at your local bookstore. They are loaded with sales techniques.

Members working the traditional business will eventually need to ask for as much as $11,000 in exchange for their product. In sales jargon that is called asking for the sale and success often requires asking more than once. The art of knowing when and how to ask is called closing.

A major part of the success members have with the Sales Center, is that they never have to ask for, and collect the money themselves.

The Sales Center recognized that most people are not good at selling and have no desire to learn the techniques required to improve their skills. Their system does not require members to learn selling techniques to have success. However, those who have had selling success with the traditional business, report that profits more than doubled with the maximum support system. Now, Sales Center members are earning $3000 and $1000 commissions even before they have completed a single training sale.

For more information about Dean Marino's fastest growing and largest group in the Coastal community as well as the maximum support he provides, and the "fast cash" Pay plan go to

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