Driving Towards Disaster? Underestimate Rest at Your Peril

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MP3 solution to an MPG problem. Get more out of life: shift gear.

Driver fatigue, or 'Drowsy driving' carries a devastating cost. According to a report last month by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, driver fatigue results in 15,000 motor vehicle deaths in the US each year.

Work and lifestyle pressures can take a terrible toll on our sleep patterns and energy levels. Lack of good quality rest can seriously affect performance. Shift workers particularly find they experience an almost permanent 'jet-lag'. Studies show that staying awake for 17 hours has roughly the same effect upon reactions as two glasses of wine.

The greater the sleep debt, the greater the effect upon function. The most serious slates of sleep deprivation give rise to 'micro-sleeps', momentary lapses of consequnces that given the wrong place and time can end up as...

A Car Crash is probably the most dramatic example of what can occur as a result of poor rest; the personal effects can be just as devastating.

In many ways the brain is like a gearbox. Whilst 'Top Gear' is good for tackling intensive tasks it's of no use at all just before bedtime. Also like a gearbox, too much time spent in top gear can lead to burn out.

Cymatic Audio products are designed to help the user learn the skills needed to get better rest. How do we do this? Through the precise application of established psychoacoustic principles. Modern methods of sound manipulation allow our programs to exactly provide the right stimuli for effective rest.

The drive to succeed can be counterproductive if sustained for too long. For the human body, 'running on empty' involves the bodys' stress chemicals, adrenaline and cortisone. Effectively this keeps the body in a state of 'red alert'. In the short term these chemicals act like a fuel injection, spurring us on to greater achievements.

Sustained release has the opposite effect however, dulling the nerve endings to compensate for the constant chemical messages of alert. Lying awake night after night under these circumstances it's very easy to build up a severe sleep debt.

A Sleep debt is like any other, it has to be paid.

So, how to break this vicious cycle of restlessness and fatigue? The 'Rest Booster' MP3 program from Cymatic Audio http://www.cymaticaudio.com is designed to help the user get more from their rest time with immediate and long lasting benefits. Loaded straight to your MP3 player or burnt to CD it is designed to guide the user into a 20 minute power nap. Our files take advantage of psychoacoustic principles which have been tested and confirmed over many decades.

Research shows that of at least equal importance to the amount of sleep we get each day is the quality of that sleep. A smooth transition into rest is essential. Any good driver knows that for comfort, the skill of smooth braking is essential.

Scientists and psychotherapists have studied the potential of audio therapy comprehensively, discovering that when given certain combinations of tones and frequencies it is possible to make the brain 'shift gear'.

A broad outline of the architecture of the 'Rest Booster' (priced at only $10 and available from http://www.cymaticaudio.com/download.htm ) is as follows:

0-5 minutes: 'Relaxation phase': during this period the user is guided towards a relaxed state that we could almost think of as 'auto-pilot', relaxed but still fairly alert. This happens to be the state of mind in which the brain processes a chemical called serotonin, which is most known for its positive effects on mood but also plays a central role in good sleep.

5-15 minutes: 'Theta State', during this part of the program the user is gently guided into a further more relaxed state known to psychotherapists and scientists as 'Theta'. This is a kind of twilight between wakefulness and sleep. The benefits of spending a sufficient amount of time in this state of mind are now well known. In optimum conditions a short period spent in theta can have the same effect upon energy levels as four hours of 'normal' sleep. The shallow theta sleep is often known as the power nap.

15-20 minutes: In this portion of the file the user is gently guided back to a full level of wakefulness. At the very end of the file a series of deep relaxing tones are heard which scientists (including the Late Sir Francis Crick, one of the discoverers of DNA, believe have the effect of 'resynchronising' the brain in preparation for new activity).

Of course, for fatigue, prevention is better than cure and there is no 'quick fix' for severe sleep defecit. Chronic insomnia is defined as being that which strikes at least three nights a week for one month or over. It is important under these circumstances to eliminate any medical problems and seek medical advice where neccessary.

Our intention is to create a product which not only has immediate benefits but also helps the user to improve their quality of life for good. Visit our site today or our brand new myspace page http://www.myspace.com/cymaticaudio to find out more.

About Cymatic Audio

Cymatic Audio is an emergent UK company commited to providing modern solutions to modern problems. Other product launches are planned for the imminent future. A detailed press pack (in pdf format) has been assembled and is available upon request.

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