Witch School Founder answers Christian Leaders’ Charges of Witchcraft and Satanism

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Imagine that your life's work was attacked and you were accused of corrupting people souls? What if you felt that what you were doing was standing up for freedom of faith and your failure to stand up could mean a loss of liberty and freedom for millions? What would you do? Witch School founder Ed Hubbard faces such charges and answers his critics publicly.

In the United States, a resurgence of spirituality has been occurring for the last 50 years that has led millions of people to discover a new way of feeling and thinking about God. Individuals from all walks of life and from every part of our society are leaving their old beliefs behind and embracing a new life of a personal and direct relationship with the divine. The belief system that has changed so many is called Wicca, and many of the practitioners of this natural faith are also known as Witches. And similar to Christianity, Wicca embraces more than a series of religious practices to be done occasionally, but is in fact, a whole lifestyle that embraces every part of one’s life. It is a lifestyle and faith that Ed Hubbard, founder of WitchSchool.com hopes that more people will embrace.

In working towards this goal of providing education, Ed Hubbard has been accused with promoting Witchcraft and Satanism from pulpits and in sermons across the United States. Some leading evangelicals including Steven Wohlberg, author of the Hour of the Witch, to the offices of CBN’s Pat Robertson believe he is bring a dangerous idea to America and must not be allowed to succeed in his goal of creating greater acceptance of Wicca. Today, Rev. Ed Hubbard answers his accusers.

How does Ed answer the accusation of promoting Witchcraft? On this charge Rev. Ed Hubbard offers “I am deeply involved with promoting Witchcraft, which means the Craft of the Wise. I believe the Wicca is a beautiful, life affirming faith that gives the individual a better relationship with God and with nature as well. I teach Witchcraft because I believe it will help change lives in major positive ways. It is my goal to make a Wiccan education available to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.”

What about the legality of Witchcraft? Many people are led to believe that Witchcraft is illegal or should be. The truth is there is nothing illegal or immoral about Wicca. The American Constitution and the Bill of Rights have allowed this spiritual lifestyle to grow and to be quietly studied by untold millions of people. With the absolute freedom of religion in America, people are allowed to study Wicca, Magic, Shamanism, and thousands of other religious practices that were once forbidden by law.

The fact that most Christians misunderstand this faith and worse condemn it stridently, and with such unrelenting slander, does not in any way make it illegal or even less than Christianity itself. In America Wicca is an equal religion for all legal purposes and over time a truly evolved and free American Government will recognize that. In fact, Wiccans win over 90% of the Court cases they are involved with when politicians and other government officials try to discriminate. For the courts, it is not an issue of what we believe but the fact, we do believe and must be supported legally whenever we face discrimination. It’s simply the freedom that America stands for and that it shares that freedom with Wiccans as it does every individual who lives in America.

Christians state that anyone teaching Wicca is a Satanist, or promoting Satanism. According to Ed Hubbard Satanism is a purely Christian construct that authorities use to isolate people of differing beliefs. They have used the accusation of Satanism against practically every culture on earth, and it is used as a pretext to allow them to discriminate, use violence, torture, murder and commit genocide against indigenous people and anyone the Church authorities want to remove. Such evangelists such as Wohlberg and Robertson call any Wiccan a Satanist in order to allow people to discriminate, isolate and ridicule their beliefs. They want to create an environment where teaching Wicca is completely banned and even made illegal. The fact that most Wiccans reject the idea of Satan, personal sin, and the need for personal salvation is completely ignored. In this Ed Hubbard offers, “Let me clearly state, I do not worship Satan nor espouse any of the nonsense that is often attributed by Christians to Satanism. I am a convenient target for Christian Evangelical authorities to make attacks against, and even make money off of.”

One aspect that led Ed to Wicca was the idea of Armageddon and the immanent coming of End Times. He became a Wiccan when he could no longer accept what Christian Evangelicals teach about this coming global Apocalypse with such faith and fervor. Rev. Ed Hubbard explains, “Well, first I do believe major earth changes are occurring. It’s part of a natural cycle which we are intimately involved with as part of Nature. But for me I find nothing more evil than the Book of Revelations and those who would actively pursue this ultimate act of religious and societal intolerance. Armageddon is the battle in which all non-Christians and most Christians are brutally slaughtered, the planet itself is left lifeless, and all non-believers souls are left in eternal perpetual pain. Anyone who thinks Planetary Genocide is a good idea is someone who believes they are going to heaven and no longer cares about humanity or a intolerant psychotic who hates life so much they want to see everyone and everything dead. The truth is most people who believe in End Times do not realize what it means to have everyone in the whole world die of horrendous conditions if the Book of Revelations really came to pass. They think that they will be saved to heaven, and are quite unaware that it would mean the death of their children, grand children, and all future generations. The price of salvation means that everyone and everything on Earth must die. How terrifying is that?”

If we listen to what Rev. Ed Hubbard believes, you can hear that he accepts that Wicca is a just and fair faith. That Wicca will become the third largest religion in America by the next decade and that will be a very good thing. It will allow people to see what a group of people who care about what happens to nature, to the planet, and to human beings can do. With more people involved Ed hopes that we will be able to work towards creating a future culture where fear, bigotry, and intolerance are a thing of the past.

For Witch School, they will continue to teach and are even creating a global experiment in positive spell casting on May 5th. They hope thousands of practitioners will join them on that day and help cast a spell for Love, Peace, Prosperity, and Hope for the world. With this and other teaching methods Ed Hubbard and Witch School hope that can continue to teach people about the life affirming and soul awakening gifts that Wicca offers.

For more information you can go to WitchSchool.com or call Ed at 217-283-4360

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