Why You Should Not Attempt a "Do It Yourself" Data Recovery

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Data recovery is more successful when trusted in the hands of a data recovery company. It is important that you do not take chances with the data you are trying to recover.

ReWave Hard Drive Recovery offers reasons that end users should not attempt "do it yourself" data recovery.

"Data recovery is a highly specialized and complicated procedure. Care must be taken to prevent the disturbance of the fragile components that reside in a hard drive or other media," says Marlon Stone, Data Recovery Manager of ReWave.

Like most specialized high tech procedures, data recovery can be expensive. Many people receive a price quote from a data recovery company and in an effort to save costs, they decide to take matters into their own hands. This can be a fatal mistake for your data. By taking matters into your own hands, you could cause damage that can make the data irretrievable even by a data recovery company.

ReWave offers a list of things you should never do in an attempt to recover your own data: do not run partitioning software on your failed media, do not reformat the failed media, do not open a failed hard drive, do not freeze or heat the failed hard drive, and do not physically abuse the drive in an attempt to recover data.

ReWave attempts to ease the burden of the high cost of data recovery. The company offers a free evaluation to determine the cause of failure and an upfront price quote. ReWave offers both logical and physical recovery with some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

ReWave is a worldwide data recovery company offering all types of recovery services including RAID, desktop and laptop recovery. ReWave can be contacted via telephone at 866-REWAVE-5 (866-739-2835) or on the web at http://www.rewave.com.


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