Video Blog Alert: 3 More Reasons Why A Video Blog Beats Email Marketing

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While email delivery rates plummet and email postage looming, many smart marketers prefer sending a video podcast that bypasses email spam filters and gets their messages delivered, seen and heard.

Video blogging could very well become the next "email". With the growing use of spam filters and verification services, deliverability of legitimate emails is now a major concern—especially for businesses. Fortunately, what problems technology has created it can also help solve. Video blogs are now entering the mainstream for several reasons.

Reason #1: Deliverabilty. Video podcast technology lets you send your message to your recipient's computer directly and bypass the spam filters altogether.

"I have run my own business for many years," Video Blog Tips author Marlon Sanders said, "I have a great relationship with my customer mailing list and they look forward to hearing from me whenever I send an email. Problem is that a lot of the time the emails never get through to their inboxes."

An IDC Research study predicted over 60 billion emails to be sent per day in 2006. That means there are more emails sent per day than phone calls. Compare that to the 31 billion daily emails that went out in 2002. In essence, email is now the world's primary form of communication.

In addition, a article noted America Online’s website claim of prevented over one billion spam emails from reaching their customers' inboxes. Of course, emails from legitimate marketers are often blocked right along with the spam.

And America Online is just one ISP with a small percentage of total world Internet users. And since email spam isn’t going away, video blogs offer a compelling alternative.

Reason #2: Convenience plus flexibility. To receive video blog content, you simply subscribe to a “feed” via iTunes or other comparable software. (Most are free.) The feeds can contain video, audio or text. Once subscribed, a newsletter, ezine or other message is sent straight to a subscriber’s computers or video iPod, automatically avoiding the spam email filters completely.

Reason #3: affordability. A article recently explained that charging a postage fee for sending emails would likely happen in the future – another problem avoided with video blogs. Both AOL and Yahoo have hinted at the idea of email postage in the past year.

Marlon Sanders is the CEO of Higher Response Marketing, Inc., a 10-year old information marketing firm that pioneered many Internet marketing techniques now in use as best practices today. (A recent “Googling” of “Marlon Sanders” returned over 190,000 listings.)

Marlon’s “VBlog Secrets” Course shows how anyone at any skill level can become an expert video blogger in less than 30 days. To learn more about a video blog, and more importantly, the mistakes to avoid, download the free report “The 5 Mistakes Most People Make When Video Blogging.”


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