A Worldwide 'Total Solution' for Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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In a global market, outsourcing custom plastic injection molding and rubber injection molding responsibilities to a global “total solutions provider” with facilities in the U.S., China and Mexico can reduce many of the challenges -- and costs -- involved in outsourcing.

Having one vendor handle all of the production processes pays big dividends

For companies manufacturing products that involve custom plastic injection molding or rubber injection molding, achieving competitive manufacturing and assembly costs typically requires turning to a foreign labor source. However, using foreign manufacturers can increase logistical costs due to increased vendor management, shipping between regions, travel, etc. Additionally, going offshore to manufacture is often not an option for U.S. companies with concerns about intellectual property.

On the other hand, supply chain efficiency can be optimized by having all the post manufacturing processes, such as assembly, test, packaging and shipping, performed in the same region as the manufacturing plant. This reduces shipping and travel costs, and improves lines of communication, reducing potentially costly errors.

These challenges create a demand for companies that can provide options for manufacturing in domestic and foreign regions, as well as regionally handle all of the supply chain functions.

To respond to this demand, ATP Engineered Rubber & Plastics Group has positioned itself to offer a “Total Solution” to the challenges of outsourcing. ATP is a custom plastics injection molding and rubber injection molding manufacturer that has the capability to assemble, test, package, store and ship completed products. And they can offer these services in the region which best suits the customer’s needs.

With facilities in the U.S., China, and Mexico, customers have flexibility in choosing a manufacturing location. Companies producing price-sensitive components can realize the benefits of low cost labor in China or Mexico. Customers wishing to rely on domestic manufacturing can utilize ATP’s facilities in the U.S. With both custom rubber molding and custom plastic injection molding manufacturing capabilities and full supply chain support at their Chinese facility, there is enormous potential for cost effective outsourcing.

The BioSense Corporation is a leading U.S. manufacturer of medical devices that requires a domestic manufacturer for their components due to intellectual property concerns. They initially contracted with ATP to supply the rubber injection molded parts of one of their contraceptive devices. After discovering their post- manufacturing process capabilities, BioSense chose to use them for other production needs as well.

“Having one vendor handle all of the production processes pays big dividends,” says Benny Tafoya, CEO of BioSense. “We have ATP providing the manufacturing, assembly, and test on some of our products, and we are finding their labor rates to be competitive. And the fact that the work is all done in one local region makes it more efficient for us to manage the project, conduct inspections and attend meetings.”

Customers also have the option of outsourcing product design and prototyping. While many manufacturers shy away from product design due to liability risks, this company offers its customers the services of their fully-integrated product design division. Prototypes can be supplied in stereolithographic, urethane casting, or injection molded formats.

Total outsourcing of custom plastic injection molding and rubber molding parts can be profitable if the key processes are managed efficiently. With a worldwide cradle-to-grave product delivery capability, one company can supply a “Total Solution” to the challenges of outsourcing.

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