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"Not tonight, dear, I have a headache." Those words have become the universal stop sign for bedroom romance. Sometimes it’s not true but many times headaches can just stop you in your tracks. The “new” Sinol Nasal Spray for headaches is here and it really works.

There are nearly 28 million headache sufferers in the United States 12 years or older. This means one in every four U.S. households has a migraine sufferer. More than half of these sufferers have never received a physician diagnosis and most are not receiving appropriate treatment, despite new and effective therapies designed specifically to treat the pain and symptoms of migraine. There have been no dramatic changes in the way physicians approach the treatment of migraine in the last ten years. Twenty-four percent of migraine sufferers report headaches so severe that they have sought emergency room care.

There is good news for those chronic sufferers, there’s a new nasal spray in town and it works quickly. Sinol Nasal Spray for headaches is all natural and is made from the pepper. Sinol is the first OTC nasal spray for chronic headaches and there is nothing else like it. The pepper in Sinol is called “capsaicin” which is clinically proven to reduce pain, swelling and quickly relieves migraines and cluster headaches.

“Our Sinol nasal spray for headaches has been an unbelievable break through,” said Paul Carpenter, President of Sinol USA, Inc. located in Sandy Hook, CT. Carpenter came across capsaicin when his cousin told him that their grandfather used cayenne pepper on top of a shot of bourbon to relive his symptoms. After a few years of research and working with EMS Labs, a FDA licensed laboratory in Pennsylvania, the perfect formula was born. “It took us many formulations to create what we have today,” Carpenter said. “We have a group of physicians and pharmacists that are using Sinol in private practices all over the country with outstanding results.”

“Some people experience premigraine warning symptoms, including blurred vision, "floating" visual images, and numbness in an arm or leg. Our Sinol Nasal Spray works very quickly and headache customers are telling us it relieves their headache pain before it can get to a full blown problem. As anyone with a migraine can attest, migraines are almost always accompanied by nausea- sometimes severe nausea- and vomiting. Taking any medication by mouth is often impossible. That's why so many of the prescription medications come in injections and nasal sprays. The onset of action is much faster with a nasal spray than for an oral medication, AND there is the great advantage of patients being able to administer Sinol without having to swallow it and keep it down,” Carpenter stated.

Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York City has proven that Intranasal medications for the treatment of headaches are significantly more effective than by digestive means. In an “Open Label Safety Assessment” performed last October, Sinol Nasal Spray was 85% effective in relieving headache sufferers and 90% in relieving allergy symptoms.

“I am very glad that we are able to assist people with an all natural product that works extremely well. Antibiotic resistance is a HUGE issue in medicine right now in America and around the world. The more we use antibiotics in people and animals, the more resistant bacteria is becoming,” Carpenter said.

About Sinol USA, Inc.

Sinol USA, Inc. is changing the way consumers think about health care and their well-being. Sinol is a high growth, “all natural” and over-the-counter health care company engaged in the development and marketing of products that utilize old-fashioned yet unique methods to relieve chronic health care problems. For more information, please visit http://www.sinolusa.com


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