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Provides Websites with Authoritative Content and Revenues

Marketdata Enterprises, the market research firm that operates, one of the leading traffic diet websites on the Web, is making its proprietary online diet analysis survey available to other websites for the first time, via licensing.

“With 90% of survey takers being female, overweight, and appearance conscious, and 34% having some medical conditions, this is a natural fit and marketing or public relations vehicle. Not only can a company instantly add an unbiased interactive weight loss analysis tool and useful content to their website, but it can more than pay for itself and actually produce a monthly profit. As a turnkey service, it’s maintenance free. It’s a win-win for everyone,” according to John LaRosa, Business Development Manager.

For three years, has been one of the leading weight loss information portals on the Web, with 1-2 million unique visitors per month. The key asset of this website is the unbiased, interactive 50–question survey that identifies the top 60 safe diet plans best matched to one’s lifestyle needs, and budget.

Most dieters today begin their search for weight loss success and information online. Nearly 29% of online dieters are overweight, and 54% are considered obese. A total of 12.2% of online dieters suffer from high blood pressure, 6.3% have migraines, and 6.1% have asthma, based on BestDietForMe survey respondents. In addition, 63% have a weight loss program budget under $250—meaning that most are do-it-yourself dieters.

“Finding the right and legitimate diet plan, not fad diets or unsafe quick weight loss, is crucial. 68% of online dieters in the 1st quarter 2006 wanted a program they can access from home, via a website or by phone.

"That’s where the survey tool can help companies and their employees, anonymously and whenever the person wants, 24/7," according to LaRosa.

What’s different about this survey and analysis is that it’s completely unbiased. Marketdata, the 27- year old market research publisher that operates, does not operate or sell any weight loss program. There are approximately 60 safe and legitimate diet programs in the database, with detailed 3-5 page reports describing each one of them.

Previously, this trademarked online survey has been available only on the website. However, Marketdata is now making this unique weight loss program analysis available for licensing by a limited number of companies. The survey is sent via a feed and Marketdata will create a co-brand page in 48 hrs. that’s delivered automatically to a licensee’s website. The licensee can surround the survey with its own frame, and sell ads, if desired. It involves zero maintenance.

Why License It?

If a company is trying to reach or sell products to primarily weight conscious women, and men, when they install the survey on their website, they get these benefits:

  •     Provide a proven value-added service to their members or website visitors.
  •     Instantly add useful content and a new interactive tool by a respected weight loss market analyst.
  •     Create a new revenue stream to monetize website traffic.
  •     Keep visitors at their website longer, increasing the chance of selling to them.

There are two options for licensees: 1) Provide the survey results free of charge, 2) Charge a $9.95 fee.

If a company decides to charge the $9.95 fee, Marketdata offers a 50/50 revenue share model, enabling a firm to recoup the monthly licensing fee and generate a profit. So, it can be self-funding.

The licensing of the survey tool makes sense for: HMOs/PPOs, corporate health promotion managers, women’s products mfrs., health club chains, physicians, clinics, hospitals or dietitians counseling overweight patients, pharmaceutical firms selling drugs for women’s health, low-cal, low-carb or diet food mfrs., womens’ exercise equipment or athletic clothing mfrs., womens’ skin care/cosmetics mfrs., and more.

(Note: Licenses not available for major weight loss websites).

ABOUT BESTDIETFORME.COM/MARKETDATA is operated by Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., an independent analyst of the U.S. weight loss industry since 1989. It also publishes market research studies and performs consulting. More than 120,000 people per year take the survey.

Other Weight Loss Products & Services Available...

  • Pre-qualified, Opt-in, Dieter Sales Leads – 250 new leads generated daily from the website. By: date of lead, age, gender, BMI, state, top 100 cities, marital status -- 50 cents each.
  • Online Dieter Research Reports (quarterly) – 50-75-page analysis of online dieter demographics, behavior, weight loss program and food preferences. 112 metrics tracked.


John LaRosa, Manager, Business Development / Marketdata Enterprises Inc.

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