Don’t Get Soaked When You Buy Your Hot Tub This Season

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If buying a hot tub is on the priority list this season, consider these tips from a Puget Sound expert so you don’t get soaked.

If buying a hot tub is on the priority list this season, consider these tips so you don’t get soaked.

Alice Cunningham, a hot tub retailer with 28 years of experience and many industry and customer service awards to her credit (, says that a smart and knowledgeable spa purchase can be the difference between experiencing endless relaxation and hassle-free enjoyment and owning a burdensome, resource-draining machine that ends up costing more to operate and maintain than ever anticipated. Take stock of her time tested tips before you construct your backyard getaway.

Don’t choose a spa made by an unknown manufacturer or without a proper warranty.

One size doesn’t always fit all. Choose a size that fits your lifestyle and your family.

Try it wet before you buy it.

Hear the silence. This is especially important if you plan to place it near sleeping areas, on a deck or rooftop.

Take a deep breath and smell the water. Look for a spa that’s sanitized with a corona-discharge ozonator with silver ion for boosting the cleanliness. Crystal clean water without effort or hassle should be your primary concern.

Keep it simple. A simple on/off control panel is best.

Keep it clean. Do not consider buying any spa without full, no “by-pass” filtration. That means that all of the water is passing though the filters when the jets are on.

Keep it safe. Select a spa with locking cover and locking control panel to keep small children safe.

Check under the hood. The quality of the construction and materials used will determine how long your spa will last, the actual long-term cost, and the maintenance involved in its upkeep.

Save money while saving energy. Avoid spas with “peanut” pellet insulation stuffed under the cabinet or those with no insulation at all. Beware of manufacturers who claim that no insulation allows easy access to fix plumbing leaks.

You get what you pay for. Reputable dealers will provide third-party laboratory testing results that document typical operating costs. Heating costs for a “bargain” spa can run three to four times more a month than for well-insulated models which may cost more initially.

Here today. Here tomorrow? Small, regional, or local manufacturers typically stay in business less than five years. Look for a manufacturer with at least 25 years of a strong track record and backed by a Fortune 500 company for the best protection for your investment.

Buy the dealer before you buy the spa. Do business only with a local dealer who will give you service as good after the sale as before your purchase.

Ask for references.

See the warranty, ask for a copy, and read it for understanding.

“Add-ons” add up. Beware of “add-ons” not included in the purchase price like an insulating cover, delivery to your prepared site, leveling, water care products, and on-site instruction and operation - all of which are vital and should not be incur additional charges.

Don’t buy a spa at a carnival or fair.

Want a hot tub with those frozen chicken wings? “Big box” retailers typically carry off brands or stripped down versions of brands by larger manufacturers. Choices are limited and the wait for service can be very long. The low price you think you’re paying initially will cost you far more down the road.

Most hot tub owners say that their spa purchase was one of the best investments they’ve made. Follow these tips and choose a credible, qualified, and expert hot tub retailer to ensure that you get the right hot tub the first time as you experience relaxation in the comfort of your own backyard.

More About Olympic Hot Tub:

At Olympic Hot Tub, "We make it easy to take it easy®" is more than a tag line. It is a statement that describes the heart and soul of the company and how it does business. Research shows that consumers hesitate to make hot tub purchases because they are uncomfortable with the purchasing process, need help figuring out where to install their hot tub, and have worries or concerns about hot tub maintenance. Through the years, Olympic Hot Tub has developed proven, credible, and caring approaches toward addressing these very real concerns and has earned among the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the nation in the process. Recently, the Olympic was awarded the Locksin Thompson Dealer of the Year Award for the second time since 1992 by Hot SpringTM Spas. Olympic was selected from among 850 Hot Spring dealers worldwide to receive this award symbolizing professionalism, product knowledge, and outstanding customer service.

Olympic Hot Tub is the oldest spa and hot tub company in the Northwest with five retail stores located in Seattle, Fife, Issaquah, Lacey and Everett and a sales and service center in Tukwila, Washington. Founded in 1977, the company employs 45 exceptional team members and has a customer base of over 14,000 in greater Puget Sound and SE Alaska. Currently celebrating its 28th year of business, Olympic Hot Tub Company is the #1 selling retailer for Hot SpringTM Spas worldwide and the exclusive Hot SpringTM Spas dealer in the Puget Sound. Hot SpringTM Spas are the largest selling brand of spas in the U.S. and the only hot tub manufacturer certified by the National Sanitation Foundation as meeting all health and safety requirements for the overall spa safety and performance. Olympic Hot Tub Company is credited by the Seattle Times with the introduction of hot tubs to the greater Puget Sound area. In addition, Olympic is the most award-winning spa retailer in the U.S. Learn more at


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