Compamerica Announces Eagle: The First Sub-$800 Laptop Series To Offer All Of Intel’s Current Mobil Processors

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CompAmerica announced its New Eagle Laptops (Models 5422 and 5524), the first to offer Celeron M, Pentium M as well as Centrino Duo (core duo/solo) processing in a single product family starting priced below $800.

CompAmerica’s new Eagle-series Laptops, starting at below $800, break all previous price versus performance records, said the company. (

A typical EAGLE 5422 model with Intel 1.5GHz Celeron M processor and CDRW/DVD Drive sells from $779 with Windows XP. The INTEL Core Duo 2.0GHz EAGLE 5524 with DVDrw Burner tops out the series from $1399.    

“While other companies are offering one line of Laptops with Intel Core Duos and another with Pentium M, we’ve brought out a uniquely powerful product family that embraces all of Intel’s Mobil Processors. We find that CompAmerica can make better, more accurate recommendations to customers without sacrificing anything" said company CEO, Dr. Jack A. Shulman.

CompAmerica's Eagle Laptops offer the widest range of Intel Mobil Processor Technology in the industry, and yet have various sought after features, said a spokesperson.

CompAmerica offers EAGLE Laptops with wide 14” Glass View LCD screen, featuring a 160 degree angle of view, as well as a version with a standard 15” screen. Further choices include VIA or Intel Video, choice of CDRW/DVD Combo Drive or a new 8X DVD+/-RW Burner, hard disk drives up to 120GB, Windows XP Home standard or Windows XP Professional optional (Linux and BSD are offered as well), Wifi B/G and a fighting weight starting at around 5 pounds.

“One look at the EAGLE Laptop and you have to notice: we’ve come up with a very unique design, it's a geometric wonder, a precision laptop design that’s never been offered before. The EAGLE is lighter, yet really full size where it counts: a full size A4 keyboard and vibrant screen. The EAGLE outclasses laptops in the $1599-2599 league, yet it's less than half that price”, emphasized Shulman.

A spokesperson indicated that CompAmerica's design studio had spent “man years studying how laptops using Intel Mobil Processors ought to be built”. The EAGLE, he continued, is what they came up with: “a new, sleek, slightly tapered, very light (5 lbs), very high-end, very optimized product. It can outpace anything in it’s class, particularly when equipped with a 2.16 GHz T2600 Core Duo Intel Mobil Processor. Yet, it has an amazingly low price for so versatile a machine”.

Dr. Shulman added: “CompAmerica continues to persevere on the merits of our products. People notice we’re more responsive, more concerned for their well being, and more responsible. We dont have to short change our customers just to pay back shareholders. CompAmerica’s products sell themselves. Our customers keep coming back over and over.”

Shulman, a 39+ year veteran of the computer industry whose product ideas have influenced its technology for decades, indicated he’d spent long hours evaluating customer interest before deciding to take CompAmerica along the high road: putting his customers' needs before those of CompAmerica.

“It's a tough job, yet an extremely rewarding one. Our customers are very, very pleased with the difference.”

“I've had raspberry's from the rest of the industry: our competitors deliver cheap, cheap, cheap, and they avoid expenses by doing little service, or no service at all.”

Shulman continued: “CompAmerica is going to stand for something much, much better than that… We start where others leave off - people can even call up to look for a CompAmerica product and ask for me, and I'm there to answer their questions.”

CompAmerica is an industry leader in distributing top quality laptops, pcs and servers, as well as industrial computers and tiny PCs used in communications, government and industry.

For more information, visit or call 888-275-2771 (local number: 908-931-1200).


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