Online Poker... Does Size Matter?

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With the boom in poker's popularity, just how big is it on the Internet? EpokerTraffic ( is helping to answer that question by providing online poker "traffic reports" with real-time and historical counts of how many people are playing.

How big has internet poker become? Should the size of an online poker room even matter to those thinking of giving it a try? EpokerTraffic ( has all the data, and argues that size is indeed the most important factor.

With the recent boom in poker's popularity, many people are curious about just how big online poker really is, but until now no one was keeping track. EpokerTraffic, launched in 2006, has filled that void by providing online poker "traffic reports" with current accurate counts of the number of active players and tables at all the major online poker sites.

Dave Dale, a founder of EpokerTraffic, believes these "traffic reports" are essential for anyone considering playing poker on the Internet. "There is simply no question that bigger is better when it comes to online poker. The larger sites have far more games to choose from, more variety, and are safer - both in terms of keeping your deposits safe and in guarding against cheating and collusion. Some of the larger sites have even recently become public companies. Publicly traded companies are bound to have greater transparency and accountability, as well as more safety and security for customers," says Dale.

EpokerTraffic currently monitors and provides its "traffic reports" for the 16 largest online poker rooms. Although that may at first blush seem inadequate, given that there are literally hundreds of online poker rooms; according to Dale, it covers nearly all of the online poker market.

"Many online poker rooms are members of the same poker "networks". There may be a hundred or more poker rooms at different web addresses, all on a single network sharing the same servers. When a player logs into one member poker room, he or she is actually playing with people who have logged in from any number of the other member sites. Often players do not even realize this. Since each of these poker rooms adopt the entire network's player numbers as their own, we only need to monitor one representative poker room for each of the poker networks to get accurate player and table counts for all of that network's affiliated sites. We are able to effectively cover more than 95% of all online poker player traffic by monitoring just 15 online poker rooms," explains Dale.

EpokerTraffic does not try to cover all the smaller poker sites on the Internet. Dale says that trying to do so would be impractical, as there are simply too many, and they are constantly changing. He doesn't think visitors would have much interest in them since they may be unsafe and they seldom offer a decent playing experience. "By covering poker rooms and poker networks having at least 1,000 regular players, we feel we are striking the right balance between completeness and relevance," comments Dale.

EpokerTraffic's "traffic reports" are displayed in easy to understand tables that the visitor can sort by site name, number of players, number of tables, and when last updated. Comparing the size of the poker rooms is made even easier with bar graphs and pie charts.

Knowing the relative size of a poker room won't make you a better a player, or guarantee you'll win, but at least you'll be a little better informed, and it just might keep your hard-earned cash safer.

About EpokerTraffic Ltd.

EpokerTraffic Ltd. was formed by a group of internet poker enthusiasts with the goal of developing a web site to provide accurate unbiased useful information about online poker, in a clean, simple format devoid of annoying banners, graphics, advertising, pop-ups or other distractions. was launched in March 2006. In addition to its popular currrent "Online Poker Traffic Reports", it provides a search tool to retrieve "Online Poker Traffic Reports" for any day or timeframe you wish since it started compiling statistics on May 3, 2006.


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