Phone Power Top Income Earners' Secret Weapon; Save Time And Money - Contact 5000 People In 30 Minutes By Phone For Pennies, Without Ever Making A Single Outbound Call

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Phone Power causes phones to ring off the hook with interested prospects. Phone Power saves time and money and allows its user to puruse more prospects, close more sales and increase income. Phone Power's affordable, easy to use and super effective marketing tool will help bring in hundreds of new prospects into a sales pipeline allowing the user to convert more sales and make more money. Phone Power has a simple 4 step information process starting with a 3 minute sizzle call at 1-800-710-2844. Phone Power instantly explodes sales in a primary program and offers a generous referral rewards system, where one can make $6000 commissions every time 6 new people join the company.

There are only so many hours in the day so I'd rather be on the phone with prospects who are already excited about my business, rather than talking anyone into it. With Phone Power I can generate an endless stream of interested prospects every day, and I never have to make cold calls. is a brand new internet marketing solution and lead generation system. Launched on March 21st, 2006 in Reston, VA, Phone Power's CEO Karl Jacobsen says "We're here to offer this technology to marketers from all backgrounds. Whether you are a 'weekend warrior' or a sales veteran, you will probably want to learn more about this." For interested parties, a sample website is available at and LIVE conference calls are hosted every Sunday through Thursday at 9pm Eastern at (405) 244-5001 (pin 7264), where the benefits of Phone Power are summarized and questions are addressed.

Phone Power launched last month to rave reviews from the network marketing and direct sales community. Top income earners now use Phone Power's brand new voice broadcasting station to penetrate new markets and automate their follow up process. Gabe Nave, a full time online marketer from Tennessee says, "This is a must have for anyone in MLM, direct sales or internet marketing." One can use any list of phone numbers to send a broadcast, and because all members obtain a SAN number before starting their campaign, Phone Power can scrub all their lists against the National and Federal DNC lists. "This means that you can do Phone Power with peace of mind," says Gerald Nelson, a voice broadcasting team leader and technician.

"The key to marketing is you have to stay in front of your prospects," says Phone Power CEO, Karl Jacobsen. There are three simple steps to this marketing phenomenon. First, you record an outbound message. Second, you choose a list of phone numbers to send it to. Third, you press "SEND" and instantly all those prospects receive your voice mail. When a voice mail is delivered to tens of thousands of voice mail boxes with an emotionally compelling 30 second marketing message using the power of the human voice, prospects take action.

Phone Power is affordable, easy to use and super effective. Phone Power offers 24-7 technical support, list cleaning services, automatic DNC scrubbing, professional voice overs for outbound messages and over a million prospects as a starter kit to begin your voice campaigns. "My first broadcast netted me $21,000 in profit in my primary program within a few days." says, Gene Elletson a full time representative of a direct sales vacation company. The business overview available 24-7 at (405) 244-4500 makes the business eminently duplicable.

Phone Power offers the leads, the training and the technology to empower marketers from all backgrounds to experience new levels of efficiency and sales success. "Why sit at your desk and dial for dollars?" asks Ted Sims. "There are only so many hours in the day so I'd rather be on the phone with prospects who are already excited about my business, rather than talking anyone into it. With Phone Power I can generate an endless stream of interested prospects every day, and I never have to make cold calls."

One of the unique features of Phone Power is that it is a web based application, which means you can send a voice broadcast from any web enabled device, PDA, laptop, internet cafe or even cell phone. Sam Beckinsale, a top earner in his company says, "I have always loved this technology but I was paying way too much for Voice Shot, and I heard too many horror stories about the software downloads and customer service nightmares with Gold I joined Phone Power."

Phone Power's voice broadcasting platform virtually

eliminates the need for you to ever recruit people into your business. "This product is absolutely mind-boggling in its effectiveness and yet so simple to use," says Scott Nelson from Washington State who has referred dozens of his associates into Phone Power. "Not only have I earned over $1000 a day from the Phone Power matrix, but I'll never have to hunt, search or advertise on the internet again."

Another unique feature of Phone Power is that there is no sponsoring required. It is possible to join, get spillover from your sponsor and then have those two new team members bring in their two, allowing one to cycle even before they have brought in their own people. That means that all members qualify for a $6000 commission check as soon as their matrix fills with the help of their sponsor, their own efforts and their downline's efforts. Phone Power brings in new people positioned chronologically in a 2 by 2 matrix. Charlie Golick, a leading marketer from Texas says, "The key to this business, like most is you should get in early. I have brought lots of people from my primary company into Phone Power. All I do is, when they ask me what the secret to my success is, I say 'Phone Power'. Phone Power has sent me about $25,000 in commissions so far and I just started a month ago, it's incredible."

Another top trainer and internet marketer from Massachussetts, Ericka Wilcox says, "What I love about this, is I am able to help my people finally start earning the kind of money they deserve, either with their primary company or with Phone Power's amazing 2 by 2 matrix. I cycled in 4 days, earning an extra $6000 cashier's check delivered to my doorstep and now I am bringing lots of new people into my primary company. Because we all help eachother cycle over and over again, there is a tremendous incentive for us to work together as a team. I have people making money in Phone Power who have never been successful with any other business!"

Due to the advent of VOIP technology, voice broadcasting is now inexpensive and offers a valuable alternative to email marketing. Currently more than 50% of outbound email is challenged by spam filters and deliverability issues, so marketers need a new lead generation system. Now CEO's of large organizations, leaders of chambers of commerce and even churches are getting invloved with Phone Power to facilitate instant communication with all their members and constituents. Tripp Mehew from California says, "I run a half million dollar a year sales organization and when I saw what Phone Power offered me I realized this was a no brainer. I am already earning an extra $20,000 a month just for having made the decision to join, and the training and personal development tools in the back office show me that this company truly cares about its people. That's important to me."

This is not just another business opportunity, but a chance to spearhead an industry that is just starting to take shape - voice broadcasting as an affordable, easy to use and super effective marketing tool to reach more prospects, close more sales and make more money. "What I do," says Dana Klinge, "is I take people through the Phone Power 4 step process. First I three way them into 1-800-710-2844 for a 3 minute sizzle call. Then I take them over to 1-405-244-4500 for a 15 minute business overview. Then I walk them through my website, and finally, I invite them onto our LIVE conference calls every Sunday thru Thursday night at (405) 244-5001 pin 7264."


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