Stop Smoking Lip Balm Helps Smokers Stop Fast

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Stop smoking lip balm helps tobacco smokers and chewers who want to stop permanently or temporarily. 'STOP' is a no-nicotine all-natural lip treatment that effectively addresses the symptoms that are common to smokers that want to stop. Omega Tech Labs manufactures 'STOP'. It is dispensed with a roll-on applicator.

It is reported that the process to stop smoking is one of the most difficult tasks faced by humans. A new lip balm reportably eases the problem with a novel approach to help tobacco smokers who want to stop smoking.

'STOP is a no-nicotine all-natural lip treatment that effectively addresses the symptoms that are common to smokers that want to stop. Omega Tech Labs of Boise, Idaho manufactures 'STOP'. It is dispensed with a roll-on applicator. They claim it is all natural - helps stop smoking - soothing lip treatment - freshens breath - safe & effective.

The ingredients listed for 'STOP' are: Oils of Jojoba, Almond, Peppermint, Evening Primrose, Palmarosa, Cinnamon, Angelica, Clove, Black Pepper, Marjoram, Lavender, Vitamin E. We looked for addictive ingredients on the label and found nothing... not even nicotine. This all sounds well and good but how does it work?

The Vice-President of Research & Development, Glenn Mouser, says that "when the urge to smoke or chew tobacco strikes... Apply liberally to your lips. It 'helps' stop smoking. You can use it as often as you like."

Mouser continues... "'STOP' is a simple concept with complex results. Much research, development and testing have gone into this product. It is a special blend of carefully selected essential oils and botanical extracts. It is all natural with no preservatives added. This special blend has a synergistic effective that leaves a person feeling satisfied... Not craving tobacco! This combination is highly effective and safe. There are no known side-effects. If a user experiences discomfort from using 'STOP', they should discontinue using it."

But what does synergistic mean?

Mouser continues... "Synergistic blends of certain essential oils are more powerful than when the oils are used singly, the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts."

"It works by applying it to the lips or inside of the lips. An immediate trans-dermal (skin) rush to the bloodstream puts the product to work immediately. Secondarily, the olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) senses are assaulted with the net result being highly efficacious."

So, we wanted to know... Why these botanical essential oils?

Without hesitation Mouser continued... "Carefully chosen essential oils that help cut down or eliminate tobacco cravings. These blended 100% natural essential oils are known to relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms including stress, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, fatigue, anger, and panic. 'STOP' soothes irritability and nervousness, promotes a feeling of calm, centering and peace. 'STOP' is a synergistic blend of popular herbs for smokers who are trying to quit and helps support your body’s desire to quit smoking."

The people at Omega Tech Labs were quick to inform us that 'STOP' is not intended to be positioned as a tobacco substitute, as it contains NO NICOTINE. It is designed to ‘help’ stop smoking. Many people, including medical doctors, have reported the effectiveness of Stop. For best results,they said, use it with a deep commitment & group support.

Omega Tech Labs also makes a lip treatment for weight loss / weight management called 'PROMISE".

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