Stem Cells with Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting -- Heart Failure Patient Shows Astonishing Improvement

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Cardiac MRI tests confirm a dramatic 60% increase in patient’s heart function after procedure that combines coronary artery bypass grafting surgery with adult stem cell therapy.

Cardiac MRI tests confirm a dramatic 60% increase in patient’s heart function after procedure that combines coronary artery bypass grafting surgery with adult stem cell therapy.

When 56 year old Thai businessman, Mr Sujin Lewwattanachotinan, underwent VesCell™ adult stem cell therapy in early July 2005 at Bangkok Heart Hospital he wasn’t expecting a miracle. Mr Lewwattanachotinan was a heart patient whose doctors had told him that there was very little chance of him leading an active life again. Then Dr. Kitipan V. Arom, Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Deputy Director at Bangkok Heart Hospital recommended VesCell from TheraVitae. On July 11th, 2005, he was treated using his own stem cells derived from a simple, painless 250cc blood donation. Mr. Lewwattanachotinan was the first patient in Thailand to undergo a new treatment that combines coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and stem cell therapy.

Four months later Mr Lewwattanachotinan made the journey from his hometown of Songkla, in the south of Thailand, north to Bangkok to undergo follow-up tests. He felt revitalized and recollects, “Before I received stem cells, I always felt tired and lethargic and could no longer work a full day. Now, a few months after I was treated using my own stem cells, I am working full-time again and exercising regularly. It’s as though the clock has been turned back!”

It was on July 1st, 2005, 10 days prior to treatment, that a Cardiac MRI taken at Bangkok Heart Hospital showed Mr. Lewwattanachotinan’s Ejection Fraction (EF%) to be 31.1%. EF% is a measurement of the heart’s capacity to pump blood. His cardiologist noted at the time that the scan indicated ‘Severely reduced left ventricular systolic function’ coupled with the presence of both coronary artery disease and clinical congestive heart failure.

A little over 4 months later in mid-November, Mr Lewwattanachotinan and his family anxiously awaited the results of his second MRI scan. His left ventricular systolic function was now diagnosed as only being ‘moderately depressed’ and his EF% had increased dramatically, from 31% to 51%. The results left no room to doubt the efficacy of VesCell™ in Mr Lewwattanachotinan’s mind.

When asked if he would recommend VesCell™ to others, he said with a smile, “I can’t put a price on the improvement I have seen in my life since last July. So, let’s just say that the stem cell treatment Bangkok Heart Hospital provided me with was definitely worth every penny.”

Commenting on the startling improvement shown, Jay D. Lenner Jr., Public Relations Manager at TheraVitae commented, “The doctors immediately noticed how well Khun Sujin looked when he came in for his follow up tests. But to see a 60% increase in Cardiac MRI-measured heart function really is extraordinary. Mr. Lewwattanachotinan is another example of a heart disease patient who has benefited immensely from stem cell therapy and he is now living a life he no longer thought possible.”

VesCell™ - A Natural Treatment for Heart Disease

The body has natural ways of healing itself and the cardiovascular system is no exception. Angiogenic Cell Precursors (ACPs) originate in bone marrow and then circulate in the blood vessels. To manufacture VesCell, TheraVitae expands a small number of ACPs harvested from about 250cc of blood into a therapeutic quantity. VesCell is injected either through a coronary artery via catheter, or during surgery, directly into the heart muscle.

A key aspect of VesCell therapy is the advanced cell isolation and expansion technique that allows for the ACPs to be harvested from blood collected in a procedure similar to a common blood donation. VesCell uses a patient's own adult stem cells to treat Heart Disease and is a viable therapeutic possibility for heart patients without any other treatment option.

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