Open Source Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Generation

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Learn how anyone can use the open source nature of the internet to help bolster their rankings in sarch engines. Get free software and tools to help you get there and stay there.

Commonwealth Technologies today announced their plans for helping small businesses and others with limited advertising budgets put their web sites on the global front page. Jon Knight, CEO of the start-up marketing and web development firm, is quoted as saying, "Now it is possible for anyone with a web site to get top search engine listings and bring in a steady stream of valuable targeted visitors."

Many experts realize the futility of page one ranking for keywords and keyphrases by most web site owners. This is compounded by the myriad search engine optimization services available today. A person can literally get lost trying to find their way around the internet, looking for visitors. While almost all search engine optimization services will provide some kind of guarantee, most experience a long-term struggle in pursuit of this holiest of internet grails.

Add to that the fact that the major search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista and the like, continually update and change search algorithms. In mathematics and computing, an algorithm is a procedure (a finite set of well-defined instructions) for accomplishing some task which, given an initial state, will terminate in a defined end-state. You can read the definitions of 'algorithm' and 'search algorithm' at Wikipedia, at the following URL's ( - AND -

Keeping abreast of the constantly changing world of internet search engines and how they try to provide the best possible result for your keyword or phrase is the basis for most seo (search engine optimization) businesses. Those that can bestow the best possible ranking for their clients get the most business. Consequently, the cost of utilizing services from a well established seo firm is relegated to corporations that can afford it.

Now there is a better way. Truly there has been a boom-market for seo services. With 85% of all internet traffic eminating from or being routed through one search engine or another, it becomes essential to enlist the key elements supported by these services. However, one need not employ them directly.

With a little bit of help and some tools, almost anyone can put their web site on the top ranks of search engines in association with their keywords and phrases. You don't need to spend a fortune, either. As a matter of fact, Commonwealth Technologies, at their web site, offers a triad of proven software tools that will help even the internet marketing newbie gain expert understanding of internet traffic routing.

Key to their mission, Commonwealth Technologies is providing these tools and techniques free of charge. "We believe in the Open Source nature of the internet," CEO Jon Knight professes. He went on to say that, "having an open and free source of information is what the internet is really all about. Certainly there are a number of businesses that use the internet as a marketing tool to bring in more business. The fundamental nature of the internet is as an information source."

The question everyone should be asking themselves is, "how can I take advantage of this technology for my own needs?"

Certainly, it is important to have a ranking on page one of any search engine an internet surfer, and potential visitor to your web site, might use. It is equally important to take advantage of other traffic generation methods in use today. To find out more about how you can benefit from a high search engine ranking, or to download the free tools that will give you an edge in competing for a high ranking, just visit their web site.

Commonwealth Technologies is a privately held internet consulting firm located at PO Box 4012 in Chandler, Arizona, 85244. You can reach Mr. Knight most business days at (480) 415-1757. You can visit their web site at:


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