Author of “The Kelly Incident” Photographs UFO over Nevada Object Apparently Identical To Similar Unexplained Sightings From Around the World

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UFO Author, researcher, identifies new kind of spherical unidentified flying object, visible in photos and electronic tracking (radar, etc.) but not visible visually.

2004 was an eventful year for UFO sightings

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) April 27, 2006: “There are objects in the sky that have not been identified,” says Anna Karyl, author of “The Kelly Incident,” a novel based on the true 1955 alien encounter in Kelly, Kentucky, “and I have photographed one of them.

“In 2004,” the author explained, “I visited an open-air structure outside of Las Vegas and using a simple digital camera, I took photos of the architecture. Standing in the center of the structure and shooting upward through the open girder-like beams, I saw nothing at all in the sky at the time this photo was taken. But when I downloaded the photos, there was a metallic-like silver orb in the sky over the structure.”

The author said that the unidentified, apparently identical silver orbs were also captured on film and video all over the world that same year, many within a month of her photographic sighting – and often, those objects were not seen by the naked eye, though they show up clearly on film, on videotape and on digital media.

“2004 was an eventful year for UFO sightings,” Karyl said. “I took the photo of the silver sphere in April. I had the image analyzed – in the process, we discovered that this silver sphere had distinct physical features. There were, for instance, on the orb’s surface, eight visible black oval objects, looking very much like windows. The analysis showed that the object had three dimensions, that it was a sphere rather than a disk.

“That same month,” she explained, “apparently identical silver orbs were video-taped over Venice Beach, California – one was even video-taped in Iran. Later that year, a very similar silver orb was photographed in St. John’s, Newfoundland. However, surely the biggest unidentified silver orb story of the year was the appearance of a formation of eleven silver spheres tracked by a Mexican Air Force reconnaissance aircraft over Ciudad del Carmen, in Campeche, in March of 2004.”

On March 5, 2004, a Mexican Air Force Merlin C26A of Squadron 501 – an aerial reconnaissance aircraft equipped with both high-tech Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) and sophisticated air-to-air radar designed to detect airborne drug smugglers – was making a routine flight during an official Mexican Air Force anti-narcotics operation. This Mexican Air Force Merlin C26A is a sleek turbo-prop aircraft, the military equivalent of the Fairchild Metro III 22-seat commuter airliner. Carrying a wide variety of high-tech military-specification sensors, as well as technology to record all radar and FLIR traces, the Merlin C26A is widely used by the US Air Force and Air National Guard – as well as by the Mexican Air Force – in drug interdiction operations.

According to reports from the pilot, Mexican Air Force Major Magdaleno Jasso Nunez, along with reports from his other two crew members – FLIR operator Lieutenant Mario Adrian Vazquez and radar operator Lieutenant German Ramirez – eleven glowing “mysterious round shaped objects” showed up on both the infra-red FLIR system and on radar. These objects even briefly surrounded the airplane, and then disappeared. Yet at no time were the objects visible to the naked eye, even though they were clearly tracked and digitally recorded by both FLIR and radar as the spheres flew in close proximity to the Mexican Air Force recon plane. These extended sightings were recorded electronically, as were radio transmissions between the Merlin C26A and their ground controller.

Following this sighting, Mexico’s Department of Defense Staff analyzed the recorded data and concluded that there was no logical explanation for what occurred on that day. This conclusion was officially announced by Mexico’s Secretary of Defense, General Clemente Vega Garcia, commander of all of Mexico’s armed forces, who also released recorded infra-red digital images of the spheres made by the FLIR during this extended in-flight encounter. In making this announcement, the Secretary of Defense confirmed that this electronic sighting was the largest confirmed UFO event over Mexican airspace since wave of UFOs sighted – and videotaped – over Mexico City in July of 1991.

The aircraft under Major Jasso’s command was first approached by a single sphere – then another – then by nine others. When pursued at the aircraft’s top speed of nearly 300 mph, the spheres appeared on sensors to flee at high speed, only to return when the C26A returned to its course and resumed its anti-drug-smuggling reconnaissance mission. During this 30-minute extended encounter, the crew reported each of the spheres’ actions in real time – by radio. In addition, read-outs from the aircraft’s radar and FLIR equipment were recorded digitally, as well as observed by the crew. But at no time were these spheres sighted visually by the crew, or by anyone on the ground.

“These sightings of similar – if not identical – silver spheres continue around the world even now,” said Anna Karyl. “We can only hope that eventually science will take an interest in the phenomenon, and begin a sincere effort to understand these unknowns. It could be the most important event in human history.”

Anna Karyl is the author of “The Kelly Incident,” published by Gate-Way Publishing. The book is available from the publisher, from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble.

For more information, or to interview Anna Karyl via e-mail, please contact Ned Barnett – 702-696-1200.

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