Croatian Beauty Wins Bollywood Hearts

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Croatia can be the next big Bollywood film shooting destination. Meeting some eminent Bollywood producers and directors, H E Dino Debeljuh, Croatian ambassador to India and Mr. Niko Bulic, the champion advocate of Croatian tourism and Director, Croatian national tourist board expressed great joy at the very positive response of Bollywood toward Croatia.

Strong public campaign of Croatian Embassy in India, directed toward attracting tourists and moviemakers from that large country has been continued this week in Mumbai, the capital of Indian movie industry.

Whole atmosphere was very, very positive and there is a quite a big chance for Croatia to already this year book a plus from Indian market, said Niko Bulic, director of Croatian tourist board, who, aware of the importance of Indian market, this time joined Ambassador Debeljuh in the campaign.

Debeljuh and Bulic had several concrete talks and meetings with the producers, directors and representatives of famous Bollywood houses and invited them to choose Croatia as a location for shooting some of their movies.

Mentioning low cost of movie shooting in Croatia, Debeljuh also added that the first reaction is more than encouraging and that some of the project could start already this summer.

Indian cultural tradition is incomparable, richer and older from most of the today’s great western empires and from cooperation with such a culture, Croatia can benefit quite a lot, said Debeljuh.

As Bollywood movies are 'eyes and ears of Indians in whole world', we can also expect great effect on the markets of US, UK and Australia where Indian population enjoys the status of business elite. Opportunity is here and convinced in mutual awareness about importance and possibilities of the same, I believe that we will use it in the best way, said Bulic.

Croatian movie industry is obviously getting a chance for a great position in international movie world in co-productions and we really hope that that will truly happen, said Ambassador Debeljuh.

If it is to judge according to numerous articles in Indian media over the last few days, it seems that soon Bollywood-world known Indian movie center will soon join in the exploration, introduction and enjoyment of the beauties of our country.

Strong promotion campaign of our Embassy has been continued this weekend in Mumbai and Ambassador Debeljuh on this occasion joined Niko Bulic, director of Croatian tourist board.

Great interest of Bollywood producers, directors and large number of their famous houses for movie shooting in Croatia are definitely new recognition for our country that becomes desirable destinations in almost whole aspects of social life, mentioned Bulic.

Movie is for sure one of the best ways of connecting people, cultures and initiating international understanding between the same and I am convinced that cooperation of Croatian and Indian movie industry will produce envious results and stand as an example worth admiration, mentioned on the occasion Ambassador Debeljuh.

Croatian movie industry, after years of war and slow transition in all segments of society is slowly starting to hold better position and co-production. Cooperation with quantitatively the most productive movie industry in the world can surely contribute to true comeback on world big screens and we sincerely hope that that will really happen.

Trying to describe with the words something that with the words cannot be described does not have much sense and that's why we invite you to visit Croatia. Then, in reality you will feel all extent of natural beauty and people that will surround you and on the way hug you and for sure incite you to continuously come back again and again, Bulic stressed on the occasion.

Friendship between two countries, beautiful islands like pearls spread along the coast, Mediterranean climate, clean coast, unforgettable views, genuine cuisine experience, picturesque places, historical monuments, rich cultural heritage, warm welcoming people, security etc. are some of the possible reasons why Bollywood chose Croatia, mentioned some of the movie makers.

That Indian movies truly enjoy the world glory is well proven and an example is of Australia where Prime minister of Australian government on the end of shooting Bollywood movie „Salaam Namaste“ shot in Australia, thanked Bollywood that chose Australia for shooting.

Bollywood gave encouraging signals and I expect with optimism „building of one more bridge of cooperation between two countries“, said Ambassador Debeljuh.

Boris Suran, Croatian embassy First Secretary, informed everyone that some Croatian movies were shown in New Delhi Theater on movie festival in February and were much appreciated as well and that that proves that cooperation between industries could work very well.

The lively and ever young Mr. Dev Anand was mesmerized by the photographs of Croatian landscapes. You have charmed the Charmer, he quipped laughingly. At an advanced age of 83, he had a boyish zeal while showing his magnificent studio to the Croatian diplomats and Mr. Niko Bulic. Flanked by his son Suneil Anand, he promised H E Mr. Dino Debeljuh that he would visit Croatia this summer.

N. Chandra, producer and director of more than twenty films showed a great interest in visiting croatia in the month of May, on his way back to India from London. On this occassion, the Indian producers and directors were presented with Croatian souveniers and videos by Mr. Bulic.


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