From Web Design to Graphic Design - How Inward Solutions Creates a Brand

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Creating a brand is your company’s chance to connect to your target audience and quickly show who you are and what you are about. Inward Solutions uses web design, web applications, graphic design, interactive media and search engine optimization to help your comany create its brand.

Inward Solutions is a IT design/marketing firm based in Alpharetta GA which is on the out skirts of Atlanta. Inward Solutions offers Web Design and Web Applications, Graphic Design, Interactive Media, and Internet Marketing (search engine optimization).

Carl Fisher, president of Inward Solutions, LLC who has a strong background in IT consulting has this to say about Inward Solutions Services.” Many firms offer the same services as we do, they are a dime a dozen. What makes us stand out from many is that we specialize in all of them. We have top designers and programmers who have won many awards for their work. Many firms think that if you create a web site you can also do graphic design. Without the training and experience, those people are just that, web designers who attempt design. Some are really good, many are not. We have graphic designers. We have web designers we have programmers. “

Creating a strong brand is vital for any company to reach its full potential. Whether you need print collateral or a web site it all leads to one thing, this is how your company appears to others. It’s the impression potential clients and customers will get when they first see your site or your print. “You have one chance to make a first impression” says Fisher. “For example, if a customer goes on your site and isn’t immediately impressed they are one back click away from visiting the next site on the page, your competitor.”

“The key is creating a company image, a brand” states Carl Widdowson, creative director of Inward Solutions. “Your company’s packaging can create a positive, negative or ambivalent reaction by a potential customer. You need to make sure that it’s a positive one.”

Creating a brand isn’t just one thing. It’s not a web site. It’s not stationary. It’s not a business card or a folder. It’s everything combined. It’s your answering service, it’s your email address, it’s your company and you have to show it the way your clients want and expect a company of your caliber to be represented.”

Often companies think the best way is the cheapest. Why spend money on a graphic designer to create a business card. It’s just a name and a phone number right? Wrong! When you hand you card to a potential client, do you want it to be bland, flimsy, and cheap? Or do you want it to be bold, strong and confident. “We are a graphic design firm” says Fisher. “Our business card has to be special. It has to be colorful, bold and stand out. If we can’t create something special with our own brand how can we do it for someone else. If you lay 50 cards on a table people will immediately be drawn to ours, it’s that impressive and powerful. And in a world where there are so many competitors out there doing what we do, it’s vital we stand out.”

Every one has a web site now. Whether you are selling automobiles, computer software, or cattle, you can reach your potential without one. It amazes me when companies will spend thousands of dollars on advertising and when you go to their web site it looks like a college kid did it in his time off.” states Fisher. The internet is the most powerful marketing tool your company can take advantage of. By having a welcoming, graphically impressive site that is easy to use and makes a visitor feel comfortable, you have a chance to really connect to them. You can direct them into areas of the site that will appeal to their needs. Unless your company exists entirely on referrals and repeat business, you are missing the boat when it comes to web marketing. And I guarantee while you are missing it, your competitors are not.”

In conclusion, creating a brand is your company’s chance to connect to your target audience and quickly show who you are and what you are about. As mentioned before,” you have one chance to make a first impression.” What impression are you leaving to your customers?

Inward Solutions, LLC is an IT design/marketing firm based out of Alpharetta GA just outside of Atlanta. Founded in spring 2006, it is a privately held business that specializes in Web Design, Web Applications, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing (Search Engine Optimization), and Interactive Media.

Inward Solutions, LLC has award winning designers and programmers all with many years experience in design and IT consulting. Inward Solutions, LLC guarantees their work to be on time and on budget.

Inward Solutions offices are located at 1000 Cambridge square Suite C, Alpharetta GA, 30004. Their phone number is 678-393-0339 and fax is 678-393-0226. Please visit their site for more information at


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