10 Ways All Road Communications Can Help You Survive Hurricane Season 2006

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Satellite phone equipment can help save lives, find out what your options are and how to get the most out of satellite communications equipment and services.

America's leading satellite phone rental and sales provider All Road Communications, http://www.allroadcommunications.com , based in San DIego, California, wants you to know 10 ways that they can help you survive the upcoming hurricane season 2006:

1 - Satellite Phones work when cell phones fail. When the power goes out and the cell phone towers are down or offline, satellite phones keep working. A satellite phone will work anywhere you can see the sky, so you are always connected.

2 - The Qualcomm GSP-1600 can give your exact location to Emergency Services. When you are on a connected call on a Qualcomm GSP-1600 satellite phone, powered by the Globalstar Satellite Network, you can instantly retrieve your GPS co-ordinates. with this information rescue and emergency services will know exactly where you are.

3 - Get internet access under any conditions. A data kit turns any sat phone into an internet access device. Whilst the connection speeds are slower than most people are used to today, data kits allow you to connect to the web with speeds of up to 18K, which is more than enough to surf the web and use email. Access to the web means access to vital and potentially life saving news and information.

4 - Car kits and antennas enable you to communicate when on the move. All Road offers Globalstar users a car kit which enables you to turn your GSP 1600 into a carphone complete with roof antenna, speakerphone and privacy handset. A slight drawback with this is the size, weight and cost of the car kit. With the Motorola 9505a, for Iridium users, the experience is a little more convenient with a small and light and low cost magnetic mount antenna. This antenna comes with different length cable options, from 1.5 meter up to 10 meters.

5 - Solar panels give you power source independence. All Road supplies portable solar panel chargers with a 25 Watt capacity. These solar panels can replenish your satellite phone batteries, recharge your laptop, in fact they can charge anything item that has a cigarette lighter adapter.

6 - Pelican cases keep your satellite phone dry. Satellite phones are not rugged, get them wet and they will cease to work. All Road supplies Pelican Cases which not are not only guaranteed to keep your sat phones dry, but they will even float if dropped in water.

7 - 2 way radios keep you in touch over short distances. All Road supplies 2 way portable radios with ranges of up to 14 miles, this is the perfect way to keep in touch over short distances in case you and your family have to split up.

8 - 24 hour service. All Road is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you need assistance with your satellite phones or equipment, or you need to order more supplies, All Road is always open, period.

9 - Same day delivery when needed. All Road has always offered same day delivery. In normal times All Road uses Federal Express, but in times of extreme urgency they offer Air Freight service through Delta Airlines Cargo program, Delta Dash. They also use Greyhound, Amtrak, and, when there is no other alternative, All Road will drive your satellite phones to you wherever you are, no matter what the conditions. All Road has distribution centers throughout the United States, and has contracted with 'Hot Shot' delivery services to get phones into the hardest hit areas of any disaster.

10 - Making it affordable. All Road strives to offer the best rates and value for your satellite communications needs year round. All Road rents satellite phone for the Globalstar network from just $19.99 per week, or $34.99 per week for the Iridium network. All Road offers discounts for long term rentals or multiple handset rentals.

All Road Communications provides all the satellite phone equipment and accessories mentioned above, for rental or sale, and welcomes the opportunity to help you with your personal or business needs this hurricane season.

If you need to rent or buy satellite phones, or would like our advice on the best solutions for your business give us a call at 1-888-884-7623 anytime, or visit us online at http://www.allroadcommunications.com


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