Leadpile Holds Steady on its Sales Prediction saying E-commerce Will Surpass The $1 Trillion Mark by 2012

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The “Super Kids in Digital Space”, or “SKIDS” are going to dramatically change the landscape of our entire E-Commerce culture.

Leadpile.com holds steady on its sales prediction that says e-commerce will surpass the $1 trillion mark by 2012.

According to the The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce, Total e-commerce sales for 2005 were estimated at $86.3 billion, an increase of 24.6 percent (±3.3%) from 2004. Total retail sales in 2005 increased 7.2 percent (±0.3%) from 2004. E-commerce sales in 2005 accounted for 2.3 percent of total sales. E-commerce sales in 2004 accounted for 2.0 percent of total sales.

The “Super Kids in Digital Space”, or “SKIDS” are going to dramatically change the landscape of our entire culture, including the way we use the Internet and Computers, says Leadpile, a leader in the online marketing and advertising space. Leadpile, who stands by its prediction that e-commerce sales will reach One Trillion Dollars by 2012, has coined the term “SKIDS” for the youth of the world who, they say, will be unlike any other consumer in history. Leadpile believes that this new, young, super internet and wireless consumer, will drive wireless technology, online sales, and our entire culture to levels very few people have even dreamed possible, resulting in a dramatic shift in our lives, and change the way we buy and consume goods and services forever.

“SKIDS” will change the dynamics of the internet and digital landscape forever”, says Andy Jacob, CEO of Leadpile.com. “The Super Kids In Digital Space”, or “SKIDS”, as coined by Leadpile, are growing up fast, and will be even more demanding in their requests for better and faster digital processing, both online and offline.

Jacob says that e-commerce sales have the potential to make up 25% of all sales in the United States by 2012. Jacob says, “The convergence of the aging baby boom population and the new 'Younger Super Internet Consume' will make for an explosive combination in the next seven years.”

Jacob says, “Twenty percent of the U.S. population is under the age of 14-years-old. They represent the “SKIDS” . Out of approximately 300 Million people living in the United States, almost 50% are under the age of 17, and almost 60% are under the age of 24 years of age. These are the “SKIDS”. The young people who have grown up embraced in the Digital Age. The “Super Kids in Digital Space.” “SKIDS” obviously need Parental guidance to ensure that the Internet and associated Technology is fun, safe and productive. And with the proper guidance and supervision, the internet can positively impact the way in which “SKIDS” will change the digital landscape in the future.” The 'Younger Super Internet Consumer will be unlike any consumer in U.S. history. This 'Younger Super Internet Consumer' will use the Internet in every facet of their life pushing Internet sales to levels most people are not able to believe."

Leadpile.com is known as the business man’s “Holy Grail” for its online lead generation services. Leadpile is the leader in the Internet Lead Generation industry. And, with over 2.4 million leads produced and delivered, Leadpile is the World’s Largest Online Lead Marketplace. For more information on the news that is the subject of this release or to interview Andrew Jacob, CEO of Leadpile, visit http://www.Leadpile.com, or call 877-LEAD-PILE.

For more information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Andrew Jacob at 480-682-2585, or visit http://www.leadpile.com.


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