Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino Reveals 10 Reasons To Avoid The Call Center

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While the Original Call Center has quickly become the largest and fastest growing group in the Coastal program, their business model may not be for everyone. California Based Level 3 Director Dean Marino identifies 10 characteristics that may prevent individuals from being a good candidate to join the most successful business model in Coastal Vacations.

California Based Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director Dean Marino has revealed 10 reasons for potential home based business owners to avoid the call center business model he has used to replace his six figure income in less than a year. Marino hosts live training and prospect Q&A calls for the Original Coastal Vacations Call Center. They are the fastest growing and largest group in the Coastal program and took the Coastal Vacations Sales Center name last year to better describe the extent of their services.

The maximum support system provided by the Sales Center has placed them way in front of the pack when it comes to the business success of their members. However, Marino reveals 10 characteristics and beliefs individuals may exhibit that would not make them a good candidate for his successful business model. He urges those who exhibit these beliefs and characteristics to seek membership in a business model other than his.

The characteristics and beliefs are as follows:

(1) You are an expert salesperson. Prospecting, presentations, follow up, overcoming objections and closing sales is easy for you and you also have the ability to reach and recruit the 5% of the population that is just like you. You don't thing reaching out to the other 95% of the population would be profitable.

(2) You enjoy working long hard hours because you feel working hard is better than working smart. Freedom and spending time with family is for the weak. You are looking to buy a job, not a business.

(3) You believe every negative lie strangers tell you about the Sales Center and you never feel the need to examine the motives of the liars. When shopping for a car, you are most apt to take the advice given to you by General Motors and feel they will give you honest, objective opinions about the Toyota, Ford and Honda you are considering the purchase of. You would take the lies you may be told about the Toyota breaking system at face value and consider them fact. The thought that you could pick up the phone and ask Toyota about the potential problem would never occur to you.

(4) You are completely self taught. Trial and error is the best learning system for you. Being taught by expert trainers and mentors that know the path you are traveling and can help you avoid the pitfalls and concentrate on activities that lead to success does not seem like a good thing to you.

(5) You are a control freak and don't ever delegate anything to anyone. You enjoy wearing all the hats. Being the chief salesperson, trainer, product procurement manager, marketing director, copywriter, accountant, and webmaster seems like a simple combination for you to learn and master.

(6) You feel uneasy about giving your new members a simple, duplicatable system that has produced record setting results for over a year. You feel your recruits will be just like you. They will want to work like a dog, ignore all the personal rejection and gut it out.

(7) You have an unlimited budget. You see failing to make sales with expensive leads and co-ops a learning experience. You like to buy overpriced tools from your sponsor and trust him or her 100% even though your first $15,000 has not produced a sale.

(8) Bill Gates has nothing on you. You can easily build and tweak your own system that will robotically and elegantly educate and sell prospects for you.

(9) You feel most new members will be more comfortable sending a cashier's check made out to you personally at your home address. In fact, you think having a company in an office building collect the money for you, does not add to your prospect's comfort level at all.

(10) You believe earning too much money will create problems for you and utilizing such a simple system will not be fair. Even though Coastal members who moved from the old business style to the Sales Center business model report they more than doubled their income with less effort, you would prefer to work harder for less money because it builds character.

While those who identify with the characteristics listed would not be good candidates to join the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, Marino estimates that they are less than 1% of the population.

Marino explained that members of his group experience a much higher success rate because of the maximum support he provides. The support includes, but is not limited to, training Cd's, and DVD, robust internet training, live training calls, live account executives at his sales center facility, and his personal mentoring. He encourages success-minded individuals to learn more about the largest and fastest growing group in the Coastal program by visiting


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