Expanded Software Localization Functionality and a New Name for RapidTranslation Release 5.1

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RapidSolution Software today announced the release of InLocate 5.1, the latest version of its Windows-based software localization platform is as free evaluation version available at http://www.inlocate.net.

RapidSolution Software today announced the release of InLocate 5.1, the latest version of its Windows-based software localization platform. First released seven years ago under the name RapidTranslation, the product was re-branded with the name InLocate in 2005. Detailed information and a free evaluation version are available at http://www.inlocate.net.

InLocate differentiates itself by being the only standard localization software on the market that enables localized applications to switch languages even while they are running. The simplicity of this very valuable capability is deceptive: implementing such flexibility from the ground up within any application often adds years to the software development process and significantly increases long-term software maintenance costs.

Horizontally Applicable

InLocate provides leading developers of industrial, medical and commercial software systems with a powerful, modern and cost-effective alternative to traditional software localization approaches that are fraught with increasing short- and long-term costs for every language which must be supported. Providers of consumer solutions like the internet music recording software Radiotracker, for example, also benefit. The lowered costs of multilingual development and maintenance resulting from the use of InLocate make it possible for Radiotracker to be sold not only in Europe and in the USA, but also in Japan.

InLocate in Action

For global players wanting to open up new markets, InLocate’s support for switching languages at run-time represents an important competitive advantage. InLocate allows the localization process to be separated from the software development process. Translators are able to work independently and in parallel with software developers, resulting in an overall acceleration of the software development process. New languages can be added quickly and without additional software development cycles in the run-time layer. Critical success factors like time-to-market and return-on-investment are significantly optimized.

New in InLocate 5.1

  • Support for Unicode and ANSI applications
  • Support for the newest Windows controls
  • Compatible with most modern UI toolkits
  • Simplified installation of the run-time environment
  • Improved editor

InLocate: A Powerful Supplement to Resource Editors and Translation Memory Systems

These days, software houses around the world most often rely on the combined use of resource editors and translation memory systems (translation software) to accomplish localization. Interfaces which allow InLocate to be integrated with these systems, along with the benefit of being able to review UI changes in real-time, make InLocate a powerful third component in any organization’s software localization process.

Compatible with Today’s Modern UI Toolkits

Although InLocate functions hand-in-hand with UI toolkits intended to enhance the user-friendliness of software applications, its capabilities go much deeper. Support for the language-dependent switching of supporting files—help files and integrated graphics, for example—allow localization changes to affect the entire software application.

Free Demo and Competence Center

A free InLocate demo is available on the Internet. A single-user license of the developer workstation is priced at 790,00 Euros. For those getting started or for specialized needs, RapidSolution Software offers support starting at the basic level and going all the way up to the complete outsourcing of software development.

About RapidSolution Software:

RapidSolution Software AG is leading supplier of Individual Software Development, software localization, and consumer music solutions. Founded in 1998, the Karlsruhe-based company now has offices in Romania and relationships to offshore software development partners in China.


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