A Silver Bullet In The Making from Dow Corning and CedarCide Industries

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Quartz is the second most abundant element on Earth. Cedar Oil is a readily available renewable resource. Combined, the result will transform the Wood Preservation Industry and trigger the demise of the heavy metal and toxic wood treatments utilized during the last 50 years.

Absence of Moisture is the Absence of Issues

Dave Glassel has developed a new product that may well revolutionize the wood preservation industry. I asked Mr. Glassel in a recent interview how he arrived at the formulation of the invention. Sometimes it is necessary to look back and review prior art in an attempt to recognize what opportunities could be explored in the future, he said. As to wood preservation, I often thought that if we could devise a way to put Texas Red Cedar Oil into native woods, it would be the start of a ideal wood preservation product. Prior Art research gave some valuable input. I zeroed in on Wood Bulking Technology utilized in the early 20th Century. Although Cedar Oil was not used as a bulking agent, other essential oils were. Historical testing results and testimonials supported the technology. The practice of Wood Bulking died in the mid fifties with the onset of Federal registration regulations that imposed a financial hardship on the independent wood treatment companies. Post World War II Chemical Companies introduced aqueous treatment solutions containing nerve gas by products and heavy metals such a copper and arsenate which subsequently became the predominate treatment protocol. They were impregnated into the wood through pressure treatment methods. The chemical companies flourished until the leach tests exposed the negative results of Creosote, CCA and other Carcigenic substances. EPA clean up of contaminated sites Nationwide triggered the closing of numerous treatment plants and resulted in the EPA promotion of safer treatment methods. Wood Presrvation Companies were urged to be "Environmental Stewards" and refrain from using heavy metal treatment solutions.

Cedar Oil is unique in the fact that it is a Natural Termiticide and Fungicide. Scientific studies conducted by Dr. Robert Adams of Baylor University in Waco, Texas support this claim as noted in his 1992 publications. In the CedarCide Dow Corning Technology, Silanes, a derivitave of Quartz, are cross-linked to the Cedar Oil. They also provide moisture protection to the cell walls of the wood. Our technology is considered NANO and the delivery of our treatment solution is instrumental in the penetration of the hydroxyl group molecular structure where upon entrance it becomes a water scavenger, completely eliminating any free or bound water in the wood. The hydrogen tail of the molecule is then collapsed and no further moisture can enter the wood cellular structure, thus leaving the media 100% dimensionally stable. A objective not obtainalble with kiln dry methods. The "Absence of Moisture is the Absence of Issues" relates Glassel. Without moisture there can be no expansion and contraction, decay or insect attack. "The science of the invention triggers the petrification of wood" quotes Dr. George Jenkins of the University of New Brunswick, noted Canadian Wood Scientist.

Texas A & M University has been using Silane wood treatment technology for twenty years. C. Wayne Smith who heads up the Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory in College Station, Texas recently published a book relating to the use of Silicon products for the preservation of artifacts and recovered shipwrecks. When asked to comment on the use of the CedarCide wood protection products in Railroad Ties, Utility Poles, Deck-Dock-Fence materials his reply was, "It is the SILVER BULLET the industry has been waiting for". Scott Miller, Application Engineer for Dow Corning agrees with Smith and has committed Dow Corning and its Scientists to the support of Next Generation Cedar Oil and Silicon products specificly designed for the preservation of wood and bamboo.

"Is it a real silver bullet for the industry," I asked Glassel. "No question about it," he responded. "One treatment, green or dry wood, a simple and environmentally friendly treatment that leaves the wood Dimensionally Stable, Insect, Decay and Water Resistent. Everything needed in a treatment that costs less per thousand board foot than any effective current treatment being practiced."

While the concept of the invention in the USA is being reviewed the Asian and Canadian markets have already responded embracing the technology and production of building materials such as deck, dock and fence products offering lifetime guarantees are on the near horizon. Is it silver? "Perhaps it is gold," Glassel suggested. It depends on your objective and who is delivering the bullet.

To learn more about CedarCide Wood Preservation Products visit their website http://www.cedarcide.com or call 1 800 842 1464.


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