Da Vinci Code Messages On Foods - Post Last Supper

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Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452. He was an Italian artist, scholar and inventor of a variety of machines with many messages. It is rumored that the world would be ready to get his coded messages only when another great mind appears and invents a unique tool (code word: "Pizzals"). It must be handheld for easy and quick usage to communicate on served foods that can be available and utilized by the masses - rich or poor. It has to be a unique kitchen tool that can beautifully emboss or imprint messages, logos, and insignias at will, on more than 40 foods and desired by at least 57 countries, including The Vatican. The prophecies are now unfolding 554 years later; becoming reality.

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The fictional prophecies of the Da Vinci Code Messages will be revealed when the world discovers the existence of “edible billboards” and “when foods can talk.” The secrets will be revealed and appear in all languages, embossed or impressed onto a plethora of foods when served or presented by those bearing the messages. Consuming and digesting the written word, will leave not a crumb of its secrets...only "Tasty Smiles".

“That day is only months away,” says Rich Errera, who miraculously has single handed, just invented the only food embossing and impressing tools in the world. Witness a pivotal, historic prophecy crystallizing. Wisely, he has patent pending protection in 128 countries. “Manufacturing and distribution is anticipated to begin around the Fall time,” says Errera.

The pre-manufactured demand for Gourmet Impression's "Roller" and "Stamper" (http://www.GourmetImpression.com) has been so great that already, more than a thousand publications around the world has written and raved about these award winning new babies, destined to revolutionize the advertising and culinary world. Amazingly, word is fast spreading from hamlet to town; from city to country and from continent to continent in ravenous waves of anticipation.

Gourmet Impression’s “Roller” is used to roll your message onto long foods or borders of many foods, while the “Stamper” is used to stamp messages onto varying shaped foods. Even a child, can now beautifully transform foods from pizzas, breads, vegetables, melons, pastries, cheeses and even ice-cream banana sundaes into “literary works of art”.

Also in the months to come, Gourmet Impression will be unveiling, manufacturing and distributing another, yet secret food embossing and impressing kitchen tool called, “The Wand.”

It is used for creating initials or custom logo stamping onto hot food items in an oven or on a stove with a longer reach, It’s like a hot branding iron except the food is hot and "The Wand" is not.

In the spirit of Nostradamus with the blessings of Edgar Cayce, the code names: Gourmet Impressions...Pizzals...and...Tasty Smiles, are hints to be Googled to discover their secret meanings. The Last Supper, First Breakfast, or Mid-Day Lunch, will soon have talking foods revealing special messages around the world.

Just by asking, you can be on GI's first e-mail notification list for these magical food embossing and impressing tools when available.

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