Car Buyers Have A New Tool When Shopping And Negotiating With A Car Dealer

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BC Brands has launched The Carculator, a simplified financial calculator and training manual designed specifically to assist consumers in buying a car.

BC Brands has announced the availability of The Carculator, a hand-held, specialized calculator designed to be brought with a customer to the car dealership. With five clearly labeled buttons and simple, three-step operation, The Carculator allows anyone to easily compute a monthly loan or lease payment. Included with The Carculator is a fifty page car buying guide with advice on different topics which educate the shopper.

Research consistently shows that most consumers have a high degree of anxiety when it comes to buying a car. This is typically attributed to a combination of intimidating sales people, unfamiliarity with the concepts and terms used during the process, and the dollar values that are involved. The Carculator aims to address these concerns by empowering the customer with knowledge from reading the included car buying guide and with The Carculator itself which allows the customer to perform the financing math themselves.

One of the most powerful features of The Carculator is the ability to reverse-compute the total loan amount from a monthly payment. In the situation where the dealership has provided a monthly payment offer, the customer can use their Carculator to compute the actual loan amount being borrowed.

"Most people are forced to rely on the dealer to provide a monthly payment amount without understanding the true total cost of their new vehicle" says BC Brands owner Steven Wright. "With The Carculator, the customer can calculate the full loan amount themselves, during the negotiations, thereby removing the control the dealership has over manipulating the finances in their favor."

The fifty page car buying guide is presented in a custom three-ring binder and is divided into thirteen sections which cover using The Carculator and the main aspects of buying a car. This includes budgeting and model selection, choosing a dealership, new cars vs. used cars, a comparison of loans and leases, maximizing value for a trade-in, how to negotiate successfully, saving money on maintenance and safe driving tips.

It is possible to buy a financial calculator to perform the same functions, however these are much more complex to use and do not include training and advice for the car-buying process. Similarly, there are many websites and software packages that offer loan and lease calculations, but these are impractical to be brought to a dealership during negotiations. By overcoming these two challenges, The Carculator is unique in the marketplace.

The Carculator is available through mail-order via the product website or toll-free telephone number (866) 291 - 2042. The complete kit retails for $39.99 plus shipping and applicable tax. There is a promotion available where using Coupon Code "INTRO" will give $10 off each unit ordered. It is currently available only within the United States and expedited shipping is available.


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