ParetoLogic Whitepaper Exposes Risk of Electronic Identity Theft Through Unsecured Medical Records

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A newly released whitepaper outlines the risks of identity theft and breach of confidentiality associated with Electronic Health Records. Viewed as a gold mine of personal information by spyware distributors, electronic medical records are a prime target for infiltration and violation by spyware and malware.

It is discomfiting to think that our personal information, including our medical history, is considered a commodity in the murky underworld of spyware. Unfortunately, the spyware industry is extremely profitable and the currency is information, the more personal the better. One of the latest targets is the Health Services industry, a prime mark because of the wealth of personal information contained in the electronic health records of many medical facilities. A new white paper by ParetoLogic examines the risks to health care consumers of identity theft and breach of confidentiality.

Following the global trend to replace paper-filing systems with Electronic Health Records (EHR), the medical community is increasingly relying on their computer systems to maintain their records. The security of these records is in jeopardy however, if precautions have not been taken to protect the computer system itself from spyware. Spyware installs itself on a computer surreptitiously without the knowledge or consent of the user, and then monitors the Internet activity and information entered, reporting that information back to a remote third party. This information can then be used for anything from marketing to identity theft.

While many health service administrators are somewhat aware of the potential risks associated with Internet use, few are familiar with the term spyware, and the implications its presence presents. The use of anti-virus software is commonplace in most offices, however, such applications are not effective against the threat of spyware. This lack of knowledge leads to an absence of spyware protection and leaves patient information exposed and vulnerable.

ParetoLogic, a company that specializes in Internet Security, has examined this serious issue and presented their findings in a newly released white paper entitled “Online Security: A Medical Necessity”. Drawing from the research presented in the white paper, MSP Industry Alert Magazine recently published a feature article by Arthur Gasch, which details the risks and recommendations pertinent to health care providers. Both publications serve as a security primer for the medical community, enabling them to better protect their patient’s information and maintain the integrity of their computer systems.

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ParetoLogic is an international software development company headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. A member of SIIA, we specialize in providing advanced security applications for enterprise, business and personal computer use as well as providing custom software solutions for business and government.


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