New Coastal Vacations Information Line Available 24 Hours A Day

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The largest and fastest growing group in the Coastal Vacations program continues to improve their information delivery system that has made them the most successful group for the top rated home based business. The 24 hour information line features a special recorded conference call that allows people whose schedules don't permit them to join in on the live calls to still get the valuable information. Often called "the maximum support system," members see this new information line as yet another way the Sales Center gives them the maximum support possible.

A new Coastal Vacations 24 hour information line is now up and running thanks to the largest and fastest growing group with the top rated home based business. Now, Coastal Vacations' most successful sales system, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, continues the upgrade and improvement program they announced earlier this year with the activation of the new recorded information line.

California based Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director Dean Marino was ecstatic about the new tool; "Our group is all about helping those who would otherwise fail in business, see profits, and helping those who may have some success, maximize their results. This new 24 hour info line, along with our state of the art website system, will allow those who are too stressed out with their long work hours to get the information that can help them dig out of their ruts."

Members and guests can now access this life changing information at (212) 461-8974 and learn more about this record setting home based business opportunity at

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center has sponsored live Q&A conference calls since last August to give the public access to the Coastal Vacations news they need and desire. The calls are offered Monday through Thursday at 9PM EDT at (212) 461-5800 (PIN 4433#) and are the preferred method for guests to learn more, because they can get their questions answered on the interactive calls. The recorded information line is seen as a way to get the information to many who work such long hard hours at a job that they are sound asleep or working at the time the live call is available.

The explosive growth of this ultra-successful business model to over 40 countries worldwide also mandated the recorded information line. While guests have joined the live calls from around the world, it has not always been easy for them because the 9PM time in New York or Florida is 3PM in Hawaii, 2AM in Dublin, 3AM in Berlin and 9AM in Singapore.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center and their maximum support system has been a success right from the start. They offer the stability of an in demand travel product with a 27 year track record. Coastal Vacations offers the longevity of an 11 year old top rated home based business as well as familiar brand names like Disney, Hilton, Marriott, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Avis. The Sales Center has combined all of that into a user friendly package and the simplicity and maximum support has brought big profits to home based business owners that have never experienced success before.

Marino explained the difficulties people have had with the traditional home based business. He explained that "Many new Coastal Vacations associates have never owned their own successful business before. In the traditional business model, that means they must wear all the hats. They are the marketer, salesperson, follow-up coordinator, closer, product procurement manager, accountant, copywriter, webmaster and chief trainer. That is a daunting set of skills for them to acquire and that is why the overwhelming majority of them fail to ever make a dime." As Marino said "Most are uncomfortable asking for the sale and the money, and unfortunately in this business, if you don't ask for it, you don't get it."

In this day and age, the public sees the advantages of specialization and they quickly understand how it can help them run a home based business. The Fed Ex truck driver does not fly the plane and their podiatrist does not do heart surgery and dentistry.

With the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, members are taught specialized knowledge in marketing and advertising and later help pass that knowledge on to new members. They are not required to perform presentations, follow up, ask for the money and close sales. Account executives handle that part of the business for them and send them a check for each sale completed. Employees at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center even ship the travel packages, and they plug new members into the robust training website and live training calls, so they can start learning to market effectively.

Anyone looking to start a successful home based business will benefit from learning all the pitfalls first rather than jumping in with their eyes closed. The 24 hour info line is a great place to learn why most new businesses fail and how to stack the deck in your favor. Learn more about Dean Marino, his maximum support system and the Coastal Vacations Sales Center at

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