Personalized Gift Baskets For Bridemaids And Attendants; Easy "How-To" Steps For The Busy Bride

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Hot shows how to create individualized gift baskets that are fun, affordable and easy to make.

A gift from the bride to her attendants is both a token of appreciation and a memento that will last beyond that special day. For the bride with a hectic schedule, this can be a challenge. What better way to say "thank you" than with an individualized gift basket that reflects the taste of each attendant. Sounds hard or expensive? It's not, according to Sheryll Fraze from Hot Organization is the key. Here's the short cut to creating that special gift...

1. Set a budget for each basket. Decide on the overall budget. Leave 10% for containers and wrapping supplies and divide the remaining amount by the number of attendants.

2. Decide on a theme. Is there a favorite hobby or product they each love? This may make a great theme for their basket. On separate sheets of paper write each attendants name, budget amount and theme. Brainstorm and jot down, on each sheet, a list of items associated with that theme. This will serve as inspiration while shopping for ideas.

3. Pick the items for each basket. Keep an eye out for bargains and interesting finds, then check them off the lists (along with the cost to track spending). Remember...the basket only needs a few items. It's best to choose one or two main gifts then add a few knick knacks for volume. Adding a personal note on beautiful stationary to each basket is also a great way to make it special without spending alot.

4. Choose a container. A "basket" can be anything that matches the theme. A small planter for garden supplies. An oversize coffee mug for teas and assorted goodies. A cookie tin for cooking related supplies. A tote bag for the traveler. To keep costs down, check out local off-price retailers for interesting options. Remember... it's better to have a smaller container that is brimming over with gift items!

5. Gather supplies. Most towns have a craft store, which is a wonderful place for the tools to build the basket...and inspiration. The most basic things include shred to fill the container, cellophane wrap to put the whole thing in, ribbon and bow for closing it and a tag.

6. Make the baskets. Schedule time to do it over the weeks or months before the wedding. The process of arranging the items is pretty easy. Face the items in one direction inside the container, add a bit of shred to fill it out, tie the cellophane up around the whole thing with the ribbon and bow. Add the tag. For more pizzazz...use a fancier cellophane paper, shred and ribbon. Maybe add a sprig of silk flowers in the ribbon loop. That's it!

The fact that it is a hand-made gift based on something they love will mean so much to your attendants.

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