“The Truth Seekers” By Robert Thomas Fertig, Responds to “The Da Vinci Code” Book & Movie Outrageous Slanders Against Christian Traditions & Beliefs

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Many readers believe that “freedom of expression,” without responsibility, is foolish. How many Americans died to protect that freedom? "The Truth Seekers" is a factual response to the false claims in The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, among other recent books.

What did Dan Brown claim in "The Da Vinci Code" (and doubtlessly in the movie scheduled for May 12th)?

1.    He disparaged the late Pope, John Paul II;

2.    He slandered a good Christian organization, Opus Dei; and,

3.    He makes outrageous false claims about Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

Note: CBS “60 Minutes” (April 30th 2006) uncovered that the documents Brown depended on for his “facts” in his book of “fiction” were actually counterfeits.

The Truth Seekers shows where Science and the Spirit are compatible. The “IT” (scientific truths), the “I” (individual values and truth), and the “WE” (collective moral values and revealed truths), are fundamental to our society.

My book builds a bridge between what today’s Christians believe and what many skeptics and authors like Brown question. Our youth (and less informed adults) are very vulnerable to this media blitz, like “novels” that claim to be “factual” (“a wolf in sheep clothing").

Last year was the excellent "Passion of Christ" movie. Now the Da Vinci Code movie, and the so-called “Gospel of Judas.” from National Geographic. Is this an organized anti-Christian movement?

If any author insulted the Moslem or Jewish faiths, one can be sure that the reaction would be (has been) massive. Why must Christians “turn the other cheek,” and act like Jelly Fish? Isn't it time for peaceful outrage against those who insult our sacred Christian traditions and beliefs?

The Truth Seekers provides factual arguments to empower educated readers against these false philosophies and theologies of our modern times. The key question is what Jesus Christ asked His Apostles (and, He asks us again, in the 21st century): “Who do you say that I am?”

Order a copy at: iUniverse.com, Amazon.com, or any Barnes & Noble Bookseller.


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