TrustDefender Adds Software-Based Two Factor Authentication System To Its Unique Security Solution

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“The next-generation Two Factor Authentication to increase customer confidence for Online Business”

TrustDefender announced today the availability of its unique software-based Two Factor Authentication. Two Factor Authentication is increasingly used for high security applications like Online Banking or Online Broking and has rapidly gained popularity because a victim’s password is no longer enough to give a thief access to their information.

TrustDefender’s Two Factor Authentication lifts the standard of the available software-based Two Factor Authentication Solutions as it will not only present Two Factors to the Internet Bank, but also to the End User. Classical Two Factor, Two Way Authentication Packages promote the slogan ‘We know it’s you and you know it’s us’, but in reality the ‘you know it’s us’ part is only based on a single Factor. TrustDefender’s Guaranteed Authentication Program (GAP) can deliver a true Two Factor Authentication focused to increase Security and Customer Confidence in Online Banking. The End-user will see the Guaranteed Authentication Window and the Personalized Login (Two Factors) and the Internet Bank will see the Secure TrustDefenderID and the Username/Password (Two Factors).

Financial institutions in the US are under obligation to comply with Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) requirements to evaluate and strengthen their customer authentication procedures during online banking transactions by the end of 2006. Two Factor Authentication is one of the recommended Security Measures of the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Exam Council) published in its “Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment”, FIL-103-2005, October 12, 2005.

“But the important thing to note is that Authentication is only one part of a comprehensive Security Solution. Authentication alone will not stop online fraud or Identity Theft. It is an additional Security Measure for the Internet Banks in the first place. Simply because the End-user’s Computer is not part of the overall Security Chain, the classical Two Factor Authentication has remained vulnerable to many online attacks including Man-In-The-Middle and Trojan based Attacks. This was first highlighted by the renowned Security Expert Bruce Schneier (1), and unfortunately already proven correct by the appearance of many Trojans trying to circumvent the Two Factor Authentication”, said Andreas Baumhof, Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder.

TrustDefender provides a comprehensive Security Solution by integrating the End Users Computer into the overall security Solution and combining Two Factor Authentication with the Guaranteed Authentication Program (GAP) and the Safe & Secure Mode, preventing all known and unknown Attacks on a general base – including Man-In-The-Middle and Trojan based Attacks.

Baumhof continues, “Because Banks know that Authentication is only part of the Solution they have been hesitant to implement Two Factor Authentication Solutions. This is simply because they wanted a comprehensive solution to increase customer confidence and restore the Trust Relationship with the Bank. We have been approached to integrate a Two Factor Authentication into TrustDefender to provide a general solution because of just this reason.”


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About TrustDefender

TrustDefender is a leading provider of On-Demand Endpoint Security Solutions. TrustDefender was developed to mitigate all online based Threats in regards to Online Banking and Online Businesses in general. TrustDefender is the most sophisticated, user-centric On Demand Endpoint Security Solution to restore Customer Confidence, to increase Online Sales and to bring back trust in the internet. It includes Phishing/Pharming-Protection, Guaranteed Authentication, Secure Policies, Secure Lockdown, Online Fraud Protection, Malicious Code Protection (Adware, Spyware, Keyloggers, Virus, Trojan) and a unique software based Two Factor, Two Way Authentication.

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