The Ugly Truth About Commercial Cosmetics

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Afterglow Cosmetics explains the dangers behind many commerical cosmetics.

Over 90% of all ingredients in commercially available cosmetics are of synthetic origin and directly linked to serious health risks like cancer, infertility, kidney and liver disease and severe skin issues.

Skin Deep's Report which recomends Natural Cosmetics has identified over 900 chemicals commonly available for use in cosmetics that have toxic substances and are dangerous to your health. Environmental Working Group report called, “Skin Deep” found that almost 90 percent of the more than 10,000 ingredients used in personal care products have not been evaluated by government regulators. At the same time of the 20,000 different off-the-shelf cosmetic products that are for sales in the US, over 80% of the products surveyed contained one or more ingredients that have caused documented adverse reactions in humans and animals in the past.

Most of the large cosmetic and personal-care companies will tell you not to worry. They agree that there are many chemicals in their products, but say that the quantities are small and will not affect you. At first glance this seems reasonable. Unfortunately, this is a sugar coated public relations response and does not identify the true issue at hand. Medical science has proven that humans exposed over time to very small quantities of harmful chemicals do indeed suffer the consequences.

Medical science has proven that even the thin patches we stick to our arms or stomach with very small amounts of pharmaceutical chemicals can very effectively deliver chemicals into the bloodstream, totally changing the body's chemistry. Trans-dermal patches containing small traces of nicotine can effectively deliver chemicals directly into the bloodstream to alter tobacco cravings. The new contraceptive alternative to the “Pill” is a patch which contains very low levels of hormones and still has the ability to stop a woman from getting pregnant.

Little is known about the long term effects of the petroleum chemicals and synthetic products that we rub into our skin on a daily basis in the form of cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, etc. At this point scientists and researchers know that these chemicals pose a threat to human health and fertility and have been found in our bodies and breast milk. Chemicals found in cosmetics and personal-care products are linked to birth defects, hormone disruption and reduced fertility not to mention more pervasive cosmetic damage such as rashes, mild to severe acne and eczema. Many people use cosmetics and lotions to cure skin issues. Ironically, the products they are using and hoping for a cure are the very same products that are causing the problem.

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