9Rays.Net Announces Long-awaited Release of Spices.NET 5.0

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New Spices.Net empowers .NET developers with new advanced features for analysis, decompilation and obfuscation of .NET Assemblies. Among them there is a completely reworked GUI, multitasking capabilities, Visual Decompiler, Spices.Localizer and more.

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9Rays.Net, a Microsoft Partner Program member and a renowned developer of .NET, VCL and ActiveX components, today announces the release of version 5.0 of Spices.Net. This is a suite of tools that gives .NET developers a combination of abilities, including obfuscation, decompilation to six languages, documentation management services, modeling and analytical features. With Spices.Net in place, they can apply a professional approach to protection, research and reverse engineering of .NET assemblies. Version 5.0 builds on the success of the previous release that was recognized as MSD2D People’s Choice Award Winner in the .NET Tools-Code category in 2005.

A brief list of new features and enhancements in version 5.0 includes the following:

  •     Reworked GUI. Version 5.0 boasts a radically reworked interface that presents three modern look’n’feel styles, including Office 2003, Office XP, and Visual Studio 2005 with docking and tabbed documents. Thanks to enhanced usability, Spices.NET became more convenient in use. The core element of the interface is FlyGrid.Net, a very fast and flexible data grid, which considerably improves the Spices.NET performance.
  •     Integration with Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005. Spices.NET now integrates with both popular IDE – Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005. If you have both versions of Visual Studio on your computer, you can use Spices.NET in both IDE.
  •     Multitasking. Users of version 5.0 will discover a new feature – multitasking. Now, tasks are separated and executed in separate threads. A priority status for each executed task can be specified. The best in multitasking is that the developer can launch urgent tasks without delays and work on other tasks simultaneously. For example, you can launch decompilation of an assembly and at the same time research the assembly architecture. All launched tasks can be managed from the TaskList. You can view the current state of executed tasks, pause, continue or stop any of them.
  •     Automation. This novelty allows to use Spices.Net tools in different scripts for automation of tasks. Now the user may utilize decompilation and obfuscation of Spices.Net in his/her scripts or in C#/VB.Net applications.
  •     Spices.Decompiler. Spices.Decompiler introduces Visual Decompiler. This new feature allows developers to build a code flow diagram to better analyze code execution. In the nearest future Visual Decompiler will be expanded with a wider set of diagrams for code analysis. Furthermore, version 5.0 can change the names of variables; it has an improved technology for obtaining context information. Now, the execution of decompilation tasks is manageable and you may set the priority for decompilation tasks, execute several tasks simultaneously. Also, decompilation tasks may be executed automatically.
  •     Spices.Localizer. Spices.Localizer is another new tool designed to extract localized information from .NET assemblies and create localization tables. These tables may be used in Spices.Obfuscator for localization of applications. Unique to Spices.Localizer is that it extracts data from both code and recourses. Tables can be synchronized with the newest version of your application for extraction of new lines and creation of localized versions for them. Currently, the engineers at 9Rays.Net are working on a preview feature that will allow developers to view application resources in the localized form.
  •     Spices.Obfuscator. Spices.Obfuscator offers an expanded set of protection tools and services that ensure total protection of applications. Thanks to Spices.Solution, a new object, developers can create different configurations and packages of their applications and obfuscate them all at once. A wide set of Obfuscation.Events allows to include into the process of obfuscation such tasks as preparation of assemblies, deployment, generation of necessary files and packaging of obfuscated assemblies.
  •     Anonymizer technology. New to version 5.0 is Anonymizer technology that lets you mask code, making it totally impossible to decompile or disassemble. The result of decompilation or disassembling will be a listing of meaningless lines and undistinguishable code. The technology is most useful for assemblies with a great number of unobfuscated members because it allows masking code to the maximum. The technology is patent pending. More information about Anonymizer technology can be found at http://www.9rays.net/Products/Spices.Net/Articles/sa5.aspx.

Read the complete list of improvements at http://www.9rays.net/support/viewtopic.php?t=796
Download an evaluation copy at http://www.9rays.net/products/Spices.Net/download/spices.zip

Spices.Net Pricing and Availability

Spices.Net 5.0 runs under Windows platforms starting with Windows 98 and requires .NET 1.0 or later. To learn about types of licenses and prices, please, refer to http://www.9rays.net/order.aspx. Licensed customers are entitled to free upgrades and technical support. Additional information on Spices.Net, as well as its evaluation copy is available from http://www.9rays.net.

9Rays.Net, Inc

9Rays.Net is a technology company that specializes in .NET, VCL, and ActiveX components development. The company was founded in 2001 by merging Imca Systems with Dev4Net, Ariana Soft and several other world-class development teams. Among 9Ray.Net’s products, there is Spices.Net, FlyGrid.Net, FlyTreeView for Asp.NET, and FlyTreeXPro ActiveX. These products are adopted worldwide and consistently receive top ratings and recommendations by respected reviewers. 9Rays.Net is a Microsoft Partner Program member, a Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) and a Borland Technology Partner. For more information about the company, please visit http://www.9rays.net/about.shtml.

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