Rock Musician Claims Bush White House Has Banned His Song

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Rock musician Mick Star claims that his new anti-Iraq war song "Jets" is not getting air time due to pressure on radio stations from the Bush White House.

With rumors of blacklisting help'', continues Mick Star,

“Jets”, is an anti-Bush, anti-war rock anthem by Mick Star ( that features sound clips from actual Bush speeches combined with music and lyrics. "It is rumored", claims Mick Star, " that 'Jets' has been banned from American radio as a result of tactics employed by the Bush White House to withhold funding from private, public and college radio stations that play 'Jets'."

“Jets” is a dramatically crafted pop song about the U.S. Air Force transport jets that land at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Del., bearing the bodies of American soldiers killed in Iraq. Throughout the Iraq War, the Bush White House has effectively barred photographs and news stories about the Dover Air Force Base Mortuary and Iraq War casualties.

"With rumors of blacklisting help'', continues Mick Star, "by conservative corporate American media monoliths like Fox and Clear Channel, it comes as no surprise that the Bush White House is able to maintain its blacklisting grip on 'Jets'. It seems to me that the American music community mysteriously continues to turn a deaf ear to one of the most dramatic anti-war songs ever written."

"It is also rumored," Mick Star adds, "that American record producers, record companies and bands touring in America have been instructed to honor the blacklisting of 'Jets' or they too will be placed on the same banned on American radio blacklist."

Why would the Bush White House be afraid of “Jets”? Mick Star, a recluse American rock poet says, "It's rather simple. 'Jets' features President George W. Bush himself declaring victory, arrogantly taunting the world and committing others' money and lives to his dark vision of war."

Despite the Bush blacklisting, “Jets” is now being picked up and posted on blogs and music web sites worldwide. Mick Star and “Jets” is being heard on computers and college radio stations throughout Canada, England, Europe and South America.

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