Hadar Announces Russian Brilliants® Ideal Cut Princess Shape Simulated Diamonds

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Hadar’s ideal cut Princess is the first of it’s kind.

Hadar Company is pleased to announce the first hand-faceted / ideal cut Princess simulated diamond. This uniquely cut stone elicits brilliance from every angle. For more than three years, Hadar has been test marketing the ideal cut princess. It has received rave reviews from all their customers, including jewelers and gemologists. Hadar is now using this as its standard princess cut in all their settings and custom rings.

The stone is configured similar to the Tiffany-style Lucida natural diamond princess. It is very durable. Like a hand-cut natural diamond, all Russian Brilliants ® Princess cut stones can be personally laser-inscribed. The heat of the laser will not affect the integrity of the stone. Russian Brilliants ® ideal cut Princess stones have more fire and brilliance than most traditional Princess cut natural diamonds.

Princess cut stones are perfect for those who love the fire and brilliance of traditional round cut stones, but prefer something uniquely different or particularly like the square shape. Because of faceting style and the effects it will produce, Princess cuts naturally sparkle more than ordinary, square cut stones. Although the round brilliant has long been the most popular stone for engagement rings, more and more fashion conscious people are straying from this trend and choosing the Princess cut. This impressive cut looks sensational on its own mounted, in a solitaire, or paired with other stones to create unique designer settings.

Hadar's Princess cut is an important new cut for gemstones and a vast improvement when compared to all other simulated diamonds. Technically, it is has been referred to as a square modified brilliant cut.

Available as loose stones or set in rings, tennis bracelets, earrings and pendants, Hadar offers the Russian Brilliants ® ideal Princess Cut in white (D-E) color. It is also available in various grades of yellow and two shades of pink. This Princess cut can be mounted in any style four-prong setting. The Princess cut makes an excellent choice for one searching for a modern stone. It combines the attraction of a square cut with the brilliance of our ideal cut round stones.

Buyers will save 96 percent from the cost of a natural diamond Princess when they purchase a Russian Brilliants ® simulated diamond. Hadar’s new, beautiful ideal cut princess is currently being offered at the same price of $280 per carat, as its other stones. This is an introductory price offer.

Price comparison:

Ideal cut Russian Brilliants ® 1-carat: $280

Traditional cut D-E/FL. natural diamond: $7,300 *

Total savings: $7,020

*Source: “Rapaport Diamond Report” (March 2006)

Russian Brilliants ® is a registered trademark belonging to H.D. Com, Inc., the parent company of Hadar, Co. The company is the sole international distributor of all hand-cut Russian Brilliants ® simulated diamonds and laboratory-grown colored stones. Hadar services clients in North America, Europe and Asia . The company remains focused on delivering the highest quality stones set in the finest 14 karat, 18 karat, 22 karat and platinum settings.

Hadar Company, based in San Diego, Calif., is the sole source of Russian Brilliants®, hand-cut diamond stimulants. Russian Brilliants® are colorless stones created to mimic a natural diamond that is cut to ideal proportions, but retails for only a fraction of the cost. For more information visit http://www.russianbrilliants.net


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