Don’t Pay Off That Mortgage, It Could Be the Biggest Mistake

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Paying additional principal toward your mortgage, or even getting a bi-weekly mortgage program, could be detrimental to your financial health.

That’s right. In most cases, instead of paying extra principal, there may be a better way to pay that mortgage off and experience financial freedom faster. “The truth is, you may never want to pay off your mortgage,” says Robert D. Ashby, President of Solid Rock Mortgage Corporation.

Mr. Ashby continues, “Why? Your home’s equity is not a safe investment. Equity has no rate of return and has no liquidity. You cannot access your equity without qualifying for a mortgage of some kind, which requires you to pay fees, and borrow your equity on the banks’ terms, plus you must prove you can qualify.” This is especially true in cases of job loss or some other financial crisis.

Additionally, by taking the money normally put toward extra principal and investing them in other safe investment vehicles, families can increase their liquidity, and realistically be able to pay off their mortgages faster. Families may even want to take out a new loan or refinance their current loan to increase safety, liquidity, and rate of return.

The majority of Americans carry huge credit card balances with high interest rates and most do not have enough money in savings to tide them over in a financial emergency. For this reason, refinancing or taking out a new loan may be even more beneficial for them by increasing their cash flow, which can then be invested to create a college savings plan, vacation plan, or even increase their retirement plan.

There are several strategies for the homeowner to consider that can allow them to experience financial freedom sooner than trying to pay off their mortgage as quickly as possible. Obviously, these strategies will not be advisable to everyone, so seeking the guidance of a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist to find out which strategy is the best is a wise decision.

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