Popular Misting System Technology for Mosquito and Insect Control Enhanced with use of Chemical Free Cedar Oil Concentrate

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Cedarcide Industries, located in the High Tech area of The Woodlands, Texas, announces the availability of a Natural Insect Control Solution as a alternative to the Toxic Pyrethroid Substance currently emitted by popular Mosquito Misting and Irrigation Systems. Formulated with internally modified Cedar Oil and dilutable with water, the Natural Aroma of Red Cedar is instrumental in evacuation of flying insects from treated areas ranging from back yards to feed lots.

The CedarCide Industries endeavor to invent a chemical-free insect control solution for use in the popular misting system and Vectorgation delivery systems is labeled a success. Dave Glassel, inventor of MSC or better known as Misting System Concentrate announced the first production run of the dynamic product on May 1. We can now offer a Safe and Environmentally Friendly concentrate for use in controlling Mosquitoes, Flies, Fleas, Ticks, Chiggers, Mites and other biting insects, Glassel remarked. Misting System Technology provides excellence performance in delivering a high pressure mist to the insect infested areas. Unfortunately the solution discharged is of a toxic nature. The Pyrethroids such as Pyrethrum Naturals and Pyrethrin Synthetics, and their Inerts, commonly used in misting systems, are contact killers. They attack the nervous system of the insect. When continuously used, the increased residual will have an effect on human and animal life as well. Beneficial insects such as Lady Bugs and Butterflies are destroyed. Microbial activity in the soil is rendered inactive and the plant life is eventually eliminated. As noted Garden Talk Show host Howard Garrett remarked, "If a little bit of a chemical will kill a insect, a little more will kill the birds, then your Cat and Dog, and then you". Statistics relate that 80% of all outside domestic cats die from Cancer triggered by feet exposed to chemically treated areas. The use of Pyrethroid products increase the estrogen levels of human females, often triggering Breast Cancer.

Cedar Oil is a natural insect repellent. When delivered in small amounts the aroma will overwhelm most insects. The Octopomine Neuro Receptors of the Non-Beneficial insect will detect the cedar aroma and block the Pheromone from the insects internal guidance system. By the same treatment, the Keremone of all treated matter is masked and the insect avoids that area. Insect control is enhanced as the interruption of the Egg Layer Cycle eliminates the next generation of newborn insects. This is the most important step claims Glassel. MSC performs three critical functions. 1. It repels the existing insect population. 2. It eliminates the next generation of insects by interrupting the egg layer cycle. 3. It creates a barrier of re-entry deterring migrating insects from the area. Mosquito and Fly, known as perpetual egg layers, are immediately controlled. The result is a reduced insect population in the treated area.

Misting Systems provide the unique delivery of pesticides for a variety of insect and West Nile Virus control endeavors. Equine, Dairy, Meat Packing, Poultry Houses, Kennels and Industrial Warehouse Facilities of all types. Residential and specialty applications such as Day Care Centers have recently embraced the technology. With the introduction of MSC, applications are now considered safe to children and pets.    

The delivery of MSC through Misting Systems and Vectorgation is a monumental achievement. Cedar Oil is a naturally unstable compound. Prior to the current internal modification of the cedar oil, this essential oil was not considered miscible. The use of water as a carrier was a challenge. CedarCides invention provides 100% stability at all dilution levels. The fluid is free from any impurities that could affect performance of high pressure pumps and nozzles. Vectorgation, the technology of delivery of a insect control substance through irrigation systems, home owner or agricultural, is now available with a Chemical Free additive. Numerous devices are available for the injection of MSC into the water stream destined for delivery by sprinkler heads of all types. Unlike Misting Systems, delivery is not targeted to specific areas. It will deliver the MSC to all zones programmed for irrigation. It is anticipated that Agriculture will embrace this new insect control protocol for use in production of organic foods. Pest Control Operators better known as PCO or pest exterminators now have access to the product on a direct basis from the CedarCide Wholesale Retail Store at http://www.cedarcidestore.com

To purchase or learn more about CedarCide MSC and other Chemical Free Solutions visit the CedarCide Web site at http://www.cedarcide.com or call 1 800 842 1464.


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