'My Book Of Shadows,' a Premier Wiccan, Paranormal Teaching Website, Launches; Lifetime Membership Available

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Lady Rainbow, a powerful natural born witch & master tarot reader, introduces a wiccan, paranormal teaching website designed to strengthen the inner witch within you.

Finally, a wiccan teaching website that practices responsibility within their craft.

"My Book Of Shadows" (http://www.mybookofshadows.net) covers many aspects of the wiccan, & psychic paranormal realms. Including but not limited too:

Spell casting classes,

Tarot classes,

How to make your own candles,

Astral Projection Techniques,

How to write spells karmically correct,

Gemstone & crystal information,

Chakra alignment,

How to read Auras.

Including access to many different types of original copy write protected spells. All through a paid lifetime membership.

The teacher and operator of this very special teaching website is known as "Lady Rainbow."

She states her areas of experience to be as follows:

"1. I am what is known as a Indigo child (a child born with special paranormal abilities).

"2. I'm a natural born witch with the birth marks to prove it literally coursing through my veins. I was born with a large W within my veins across my chest. In the last 3 years a perfect smaller W has formed in the upper left hand corner of my chest towards my shoulder. I have another W which is forming in the same spot on the right hand side as well.

"3. I had 2 near death experiences between ages of 18 months and 2 yrs of age. The 1St one was due to an allergic reaction to penicillin the other was due to a gramal seizure.

"4. I'm a Pisces which is known as the most psychic zodiac sign out of all 12 of the zodiacs.

"5. I was baptized wiccan when I was 12 years old.

"6. I am Cherokee, Navajo, Irish, & German. The Native Americans are well known for their practicing of majiks and working with the supernatural and dream states.

"7. I have been studying many sides of the Wiccan / Pagan / Christianity / Native American / Catholic / Mormon / Baptist / Lutheran and a few others belief systems.

"I believe all have parts of it right but not the whole story. I myself consider myself a spiritual Christian with beliefs from all areas of my studies.

"8. My mother started teaching me cartomancy when I was only 6 years old ( the art of reading a deck of regular playing cards).

"9. I am currently as of 3-14-2006 40 years of age. So I have 34 years plus years of study behind me.

"10. I am known world wide as The Master Of The Tarot. Who better to learn how to read the tarot from.

"11. Beings I am a natural born witch who else better for you to learn the craft from correctly to as to never do no harm to no one and learn how to write spells karmically correct with no backfires.

"12. I have owned & operated my own sites now for over 3 years successfully. My Number 1 website is 5 Star Psychic Advice."

An actual client of "Lady Rainbow's" stated in feedback: "I was amazed and brought to tears during my reading with Rainbow. She clarified many questions for me concerning my recently deceased husband. This has brought closure and inner peace to me. She is also helping me with a situation in which a person used me to the max. I intend to have another reading soon. My first reading was in person. Rainbow is a very warm lady with a big heart. Thanks again. Terri."


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