The Cinderella of Motivational Speakers Teaches Others to Find the Glass Slipper

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After leaving a life of life of abuse and abandonment, she became a successful therapist and lawyer, and now inspires others to reach for the stars.

She is the next big thing. Get to her seminars before she’s so popular you can’t get in.

Susan Elliott's approach to teaching motivational seminars is new and different. Drawing upon her own "Cinderella story" as well as her vast academic training, Elliott has developed a systematic approach for students who have had disadvantaged pasts and want to build a successful future.

Elliott grew up as a foster child in the Bronx feeling like a castoff. Her birth mother’s abandonment fueled her opinion that she didn’t matter to anyone. When her foster parents adopted her at the age of 8, she thought life would be different but their alcoholic marriage disintegrated two short years later and the family was plunged into chaos. As a teenager, she started a wild ride trying to outrun her enveloping depression and lack of direction. She lived a life that was fast and furious, gravitating toward abusive men and grim situations, becoming convinced that she was going to live fast and die young and welcomed the thought so she would not have to continue a life that was so painful.

Today she is successful, happy, healthy, wealthy and very, very wise. She is also calm and serene, having cobbled together a life that most people only dream about. The incredible story of her dramatic turnaround is one that people clamor to hear. People would hear of her story and even though they didn’t know her, would approach her to ask how she crawled out of the depths of despair to put together such an extraordinary life. After spending an inordinate amount of time telling others how she did it, she decided to write about it, speak about it and teach the method that took her from the low of point A to the high of point B.

Her seminars teach people how to go from depressed and demotivated to stunningly successful. Seminar attendees give her workshops amazing reviews, and often stay In touch with her by email. One student encouraged his friends to sign up for her classes saying, “She is the next big thing. Get to her seminars before she’s so popular you can’t get in.”    She also gives motivational talks to a wide variety of audiences, and one student said, “Hearing her speak is a remarkable experience. You’ll never say ‘I can’t’ again.”    

Although she is a trained therapist, a certified grief counselor and a licensed attorney, she says her best teaching happens when she just speaks straight from the heart. “I don’t know why, but people like to hear my story,” Elliott says, “And if I went through all that for someone else to find a better life through my story, then it’s truly worth it.” Although all the letters behind her name give her credibility and she incorporates much of her academic training into her program, her greatest strength, she says, is that “I don’t ask students to do anything I haven’t done.”    

Although conference space in New York City is expensive, she tries to keep her fees low and even invites women who are trying to get out of abusive relationships to come for free. “I don’t know if I’m ever going to break even, financially, with this venture, but there are so many hurting people out there, I know it’s important to keep speaking and teaching, even if it’s on my own dime.”    

Her payback is in the feedback she receives. Students that do the work tell her that it changes their lives and thank her profusely. She stays modest and says, "I'm just there to tell them it's possible. They are doing the work by standing up and taking responsibility for themselves. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I’m just honored to be that teacher.”

In addition to teaching and speaking, Elliott is writing the book, "How to Get Past Your Past and Make Your Dreams Come True: The Seven Things You Need to Do to Find Happiness Now" as well as a memoir that details her early struggle and amazing triumph.

For more information or to book a speaking engagement, contact: Susan J. Elliott




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