Scorpion Control Solution Provides Safe and Long Awaited Relief for Homeowners Nationwide

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CedarCide Industries announces the availability of PCO CHOICE, a water soluble Cedar Oil Concentrate specially formulated for control of Scorpions, Fleas and Snakes. It is no longer necessary to use Chemical Substances for the control of flying or crawling pests. Cedar Oil applications disolve Insect Egg and Larvae interrupting the Egg Layer Cycle and eliminating the Next Generation of insects.

Cedar products have long been used as a insect control agent claims Dave Glassel of CedarCide Industries located in the Woodlands, Texas. Cedar Chests and Cedar Closets suggest the absence of all Bugs in the area of Cedar Aroma. Impaired mental faculties experienced by the insect trigger the exodus or often death of the target insect. Venomous Snakes referred to as heat seekers are pheromone driven and will avoid areas that emit the aroma of cedar. Insects such as Fleas, Flies Ticks, Mosquito, Scorpion, Chiggers, Mites, No-See-Um's, Ants, Termites, Moths, Grubs and numerous others can easily be controlled by the use of PCO CHOICE, a specially formulated Cedar Oil and water solution. Cedar Oil is the only known substance that will disolve insect eggs and larvae. The treatment has no effect on sight driven beneficial insects such as the lady bug, butterflies and garden variety snakes, frogs and Toads.. It is classified as a Natural or Organic insect control agent by the EPA.

PCO CHOICE is recognized as a NANO tech water based product which delivers its active ingredient, Modified Cedar Oil, in microscopic size droplets mirroring that of humidity. The penetrating ability of the solution subsequently disolves the insect eggs and larvae, interrupting the egg layer cycle and eliminating future generations of insects. Insect control is measured by decreased populations which are directly related to the egg and larvae status of the arthropod said Dave Glassel, the Organic Chemist credited for the dynamic solution. We have now safely carried insect control to levels never before achieved prior to this technology. There are 100 unborn insects in egg or larvae stage for every insect visible. Elimination of the eggs and larvae advance the War on Bugs endeavor to new heights. A result not possible with contact killing Estrogen mirroring Pyrethroids, Organophosphate and Carbamate nerve gas by products predominately used for insect control the last fifty years. We can now effectively control difficult soil borne arthropod such as Scorpion and Grubs as well as flying insects and Snakes with the use of a Non Toxic and Naturally re-occurring essential oil.    

PCO CHOICE is supplied in a concentrated form. It is 100 percent miscible and can be diluted with standard tap water in ratios of up to 400:1. It can be applied by pressure from tank and compression sprayers for treatment of inside or outside residential, commercial, industrial, dairy, equine, school and government institutions. It is available to Exterminators, Lawn Care Service, Lawn Maintenance Companies, Landscape Contractors and DO IT YOURSELF homeowners. No applicators license is required and no special protective clothing is necessary. PCO CHOICE can also be used in Misting Systems and Irrigation Systems for control of numerous insects and Spiders.

PCO CHOICE is relatively inexpensive and available direct from the manufacturer only. It is packaged in quart containers or 1 gallon easy pour wide mouth jugs and is sold individually or in case lots of 4 units per case. It can be shipped via UPS, Federal Express or Parcel Post to all Global locations. Visit the CedarCide Wholesale - Retail Store at or call 1 800 842 1464 for more information or to order direct by phone.


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