Money Magazine - CNN Ranks Marketing Reseach Top-10 Career: How Chairman Of Leading Trade Organization Deals With New Success

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A survey by Money Magazine and CNN reported in the latest issue that of all careers a person could want to go into, Marketing Research Analyst is rated in the top 10 choices. How Dale Lersch, Chairman of CASRO (Council of American Survey Research Organizations) has had to deal with ranking.

Dale Lersch, the chairman of CASRO, the organization that represents over 300 companies that conduct survey, marketing and opinion research, never had to face a challenge like this before.

Why is Dale challenged? Because CASRO member companies are responsible for employing about 80% of those who become analysts and CASRO is active in finding the best and brightest of every year’s student population to enter the field. Marketing research analysts are the people who look at the data/or surveys and help companies or representatives decide what new products to introduce, which OTC medicines consumers are looking for...and which topics are hot among Democrats and Republicans.

Of course the top-10 ranking was not surprising to Dale. She knew that despite the tendency of show business and advertising to represent market research analysts as nerdy people, the reality is that the profession has attracted a diverse group of professionals, including business school graduates, mathematicians and physicists, psychologists and sociologists, artists, writers and even a few musicians. Mix them up in research teams and set them loose on surveys, and many work environments are exciting and fun. Market research analysts view their job as critical to the U.S. economy – representing the needs, wants and attitudes of the American public to business and political leaders.

Like many members of the CASRO Board, Dale started off as a young trainee, out of school and now is president of PERT Survey Research, located in Bloomfield, CT. Under her direction the Board of Directors of CASRO has set up a Recruitment and Development Committee to bring this story to colleges and universities across the country. This includes a career planning program, a sample curriculum, developing a website aimed at the best students, etc.

All of this effort is to let these students in on the secret – marketing research is an exciting career path with tremendous opportunities for both corporate oriented and entrepreneurial people. CASRO companies range from multi-billion dollar international conglomerates to small independent companies.

Dale has her work cut out for her, but the feeling is great to finally be recognized as a top-10 career path to follow. After all, she can’t be president of Pert Survey Research forever. She needs someone to take her place.


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