New E-book Offers Director's Approach to Self-Improvement

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Swedish health and lifestyle consultant Ingela Berger utilizes legendary director's method for personal growth. Her unusual e-book "The Role of Your Life" will be launched on May 23rd.

Now and then, in the e-book market of self-improvement and personal development, there comes an e-book that's quite unusual. Swedish health and lifestyle consultant Ingela Berger, founder of and, has written an e-book called "The Role of Your Life", which belongs in that category.

In "The Role of Your Life", Ingela claims that you can change your life from the outside in. Many people claim the opposite, but Ingela turns things upside down, and her e-book is far from superficial!

Ingela Berger's book is different in at least three ways. The outside in-perspective is one. The second is the way she utilizes late director and theatre icon Constantin Stanislavsky's teachings and converts them into a technique for personal development and change. As far as Ingela Berger knows, no one else has done this.

Stanislavsky (1863-1938) was "the father of modern theatre". His system has been and is still being taught to actors all over the world, and his most famous work has been called "the actor's Bible". In short, his method aims at helping the actor to act as natural and authentic as possible.

But, as Ingela Berger has discovered, this method can also be applied by ordinary people who want to find out who they really are and how they can evoke their inner potential and use it.

Ingela emphasizes the inner qualities as our most valuable assets. This is especially important in the harsh society of today when many people suffer from low self-esteem and lack of appreciation. But the way to go is from the outside, she claims, as our inner landscape is so hard to navigate. Stanislavsky shows the way, not only for the actor.

The third way, in which her book is different, is the way she generously shares her life wisdom with the reader, and blends it with information and facts into a personal mix of knowledge, encouragement and warmth.

In her previous e-book, "Planning Your Lifestyle Change", Ingela wrote about how to create a new and healthy lifestyle. But her new e-book is much more than that. It's about how we can change our life and become what we are - our true self.

It's about how we have adapted all kinds of masks and facades to cope with the difficulties in life, and how we can get rid of these and become the person we really are inside. We can play the role of our life. This, Ingela believes, is what really creates health and well-being.

But this book also offers the tangible tools to make the changes we need and want. "I wanted to write a book that offered more than just a theory, as I have been looking for a book like that myself", Ingela Berger says. It is not just a discussion on why we need to change; it is a method, a technique, which will teach us HOW we can change - in five logical steps. Peter Shepherd of thinks it is more like a course:

"The Role of Your Life is a brilliantly developed course... it will show you exactly how to play your own natural role in the theatre of life …"

"The Role of Your Life" offers ways to:

  •     Experience the freedom of being your true authentic self
  •     Gain self knowledge
  •     Avoid unnecessary detours in life
  •     Manage fear and anger
  •     Cultivate love and goodness
  •     Create your own new circumstances
  •     Enjoy life quality and make the most of your life

And much more.

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About the author:

Ingela Berger has studied directing and acting, history of art, history of ideas, leadership psychology, and health education. She has been working as a director, translator, arts and culture administrator, course leader, and at a travel agency.

Since childhood Ingela has been engaged in theatre, music, art, and literature, always following her heart and peeking round the next corner to see what else there is to conquer in life.

Through some difficult times, including the loss of her 15 year-old son, she learned that life should be lived fully instead of being wasted on things that do not really matter in the long run.

You can learn more about Ingela Berger at her two web sites:


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