New Direct-to-Consumer Testing Model is Set to Revolutionize the Way Americans Learn About Their Health

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MyMedLab, a national provider of medical lab testing, announced today the launch of their new Consumer-Driven testing platform. The new platform, the first of its kind, incorporates completely transparent pricing with direct consumer access to more than 2000 collection sites nationwide. This new program offers the same comprehensive lab testing, once only available to doctors, directly to the public at a savings of up to 80% less than what doctors and local hospital labs typically charge.

MyMedLab, Inc. has created a new convenient and affordable way for consumers to learn about their health. This direct-to-consumer approach demonstrates a dynamic change in direction for the health care industry. The future of quality health care not only engages the patient, but also encourages their participation. MyMedLab’s new access provides the consumer with the health information needed to take a more active role in both routine care and prevention.

In addition to a dramatically lower cost, MyMedLab’s customers receive their confidential test results within 48 hours. Results are available on MyMedLab’s HIPAA-compliant, online reporting system. For ease of use, all results are written in a consumer-friendly format includes a brief explanation of each test. They also identify which results, when out of range, need to be discussed with their doctor. MyMedLab’s online format also provides direct links to the National Library of Medicine and to test-specific podcasts for more information and interpretation of results.    

David Clymer, President/CEO, explains MyMedLab like this: “The mission of our new platform is to remove the barriers keeping consumers from learning more about their own personal health. The first and most obvious barrier was cost. Even routine testing for conditions like Diabetes and Heart Disease can cost consumers hundreds of dollars in lab fees at their doctor’s office or local hospital. On top of that, add the cost of a physician office visit and lost time away from work and it adds up to a lot of money.

With our new platform, consumers are now empowered to order and purchase comprehensive testing as part of a large group instead of a party of one. This group buying power can results in a yearly savings of thousands of dollars over the traditional way of relying on others to direct and perform even routine testing. As for the long-term health benefit, it can amount to the first positive step in privately managing personal health.”

MyMedLab was designed to help consumers create their own personal and confidential health record like they already have for financial and legal matters. Tracking changes in their health over time combined with family history issues, is how consumers really learn about their health. Periodic screenings allow individuals to begin to see subtle changes and make corrections even before symptoms arise. They allow a shift in focus from “treatment-only” to one that is focused on prevention. This reduces the need for care by identifying problems early, when treatment and changes in lifestyle can be the most effective and least costly. The benefits for our consumers are better health and lower cost.

The second major barrier for consumers is knowing which tests provide the best information for them. Lab testing is an alphabet soup of letters and numbers that is hard to for most to decode or understand. “At MyMedLab”, Clymer explains, “our number one goal is to make it simple to use. We accomplish this by listing our most common tests in several different ways: by the medical name, by category of what body system each evaluates, and by grouping tests in profiles based on age, sex and family history. Our consumer friendly format allows consumers to order and receive comprehensive lab testing without wasting time or their precious health care dollars.”

MyMedLab’s Direct to Consumer platform for screenings is what separates us from other providers but it’s only a part of what we can do for consumers. MyMedLab was specifically designed for consumers within the following profiles:

·    Consumers interested in being pro-active about their personal health

·    Those interested in complete confidentially of their personal medical records

·    Patients with routine testing to monitor a specific medical condition or prescription drug management

·    Those looking for an affordable alternative to the high cost of testing at the doctor’s office or hospital

·    Consumers evaluating the effectiveness of a natural or alternative treatment over a traditional one

·    Individuals and families covered by Consumer-Driven plans like the Health Savings Accounts (HSA)    

MyMedLab currently offers over 1500 different tests directly to the public. To make it easy for customers to use, MyMedLab lists the 100 most common tests directly on the site along with their cost (Transparent Pricing). They include the same diagnostic tests used by physicians to evaluate overall health as well as identify specific conditions.

MyMedLab services are also designed to be custom packaged for Trade Associations, Third Party Administrators, and Corporate Groups. It creates a perpetual “Wellness Program” available at the employee’s convenience. Clymer says “We’re in the business of empowering consumers with knowledge and giving them tools to make wiser health choices. We’re determined to be one of the market innovators that make health care better and more personal.

This process, for our customers, starts by logging on to our site and typing in their zip code to find our collection site in their area. Once they have chosen and paid for their testing, they receive a Digital Lab Order (DLO) by email or U.S. mail. Our customers simply visit our local facility at their convenience, without an appointment, to have their samples collected. Confidential results are reported directly to the consumer and their physician, if they chose, most with 48 hours. We’re confident that once consumers experience for themselves what MyMedLab can do for them and their families, they’ll never go back to paying more and getting less.”

For additional information or for a personal demonstration, contact David Clymer. For groups or corporate partnerships, contact Mark Gebhardt at the national sales office.

About MyMedLab:

MyMedLab is a revolutionary health care provider designed to connect directly with consumers. The company has been providing convenient, affordable, and high quality testing services to physicians and patients in the Midwest since 1993. Over the last 2 years, MyMedLab’s founder and CEO, David Clymer, has combined his 25 years of lab expertise with his passion for innovation to create a new national health information source for consumers. The MyMedLab team also includes a MD Medical Director and a Naturopathic Physician. Their role is to enhance the consumer’s experience for both traditional and natural health care choices.    


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