Hillary Clinton Asks Rupert Murdoch (and Everyone Else) to Show Her the Money

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Hillary Clinton's decision to attend a fundraiser sponsored by the head of Fox News, network of the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” shows that love of money trumps her hatred of Republicans, claims editor of a new Hillary quote book.

Only a few years have passed since Hillary Clinton denounced “the vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband” and bemoaned the existence of “a conservative and right-wing press presence with really nothing on the other end of the political spectrum.” But now the New York senator and presidential hopeful has apparently made peace with the man in charge of the parent company of conservative cable powerhouse Fox News. What caused Hillary to make amends with Rupert Murdoch?

Money, claims Thomas Kuiper, the editor of a new book of Hillary quotes entitled “I've Always Been a Yankees Fan: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words” (World Ahead Publishing; paperback: $12.95; ISBN 0974670189). The book, which features a cover image of the former first lady wearing a Chicago Cubs hat, contains over 500 of Hillary's most outrageous statements, tall tales, and flip-flops.

“Hillary once said that she couldn't take time off to sit on a beach because Republicans never rest,” chides Kuiper, “but apparently she can find a few minutes of time to attend a fundraiser hosted by Mr. Vast-Right-Wing-Conspiracy himself, Rupert Murdoch. Of course, as my book shows, if there's one thing that Hillary likes more than bad-mouthing Republicans and talking about her virtues, it's money.”

Kuiper, whose new volume cites 63 books and over 100 articles in its extremely well documented sources, points to a number of quotes demonstrating Hillary's fondness for money:

-- “What the [expletive] did we come here for? There's no money here!” (Hillary's furious reaction to a staffer upon realizing that a rally on a dairy farm in upstate New York lacked big money donors.)

-- “You need to send us money. We need it now, and we need all you can send.” (Hillary, speaking to Jim McDougal, after husband Bill's defeat in the 1980 gubernatorial election.)

-- “Why should my daughter not have a pool just because my husband is governor?” (Hillary in 1985 asking why “Friends of Bill” could not pay for a pool to be installed at the governor's mansion.”)

-- “You're getting your [expletive] back out there, and you're doing what has to be done.” (Hillary, to husband Bill, during the 1996 re-election campaign when he complained he was tired of fundraising.)

“Money has always been central to the Clinton business model, and Hillary doesn't care where it comes from,” observes Kuiper. “So it's not surprising that she would happily attend a fundraiser hosted by the chairman of Fox News' parent company, in spite of the fact that she professes a visceral hatred for Republicans. Hillary has even said it has crossed her mind that you cannot be a Republican and a Christian, but evidently she's happy to take Republican money.”

Although “I've Always Been a Yankees Fan” has received coverage from the New York Times, CNN, and the Associated Press, it has predictably been denounced by Clinton supporters, including David Brock's left-wing advocacy group Media Matters and “Bushisms” editor Jacob Weisberg.

“James Carville once said 'Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find,'” quips Kuiper. “Carville was trying to disparage the Clintons' enemies when he said it, but it almost seems like he was talking about Hillary.”

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