Custody Calculations Family Law Web Site: Keeping Jobs in America

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Custody Calculations, a new family law Web site expected to launch July 31, is working with an American software developer rather than sending jobs offshore.

Custody Calculations announced that they are going to spend in excess of $125.00 an hour to keep American jobs in America when they awarded the development of their new and highly anticipated automated web site dealing with family law to Cloud Creek Systems Inc, an authorized Oracle software developer in Agoura, California, instead of going offshore for $18.00 an hour.

In making the statement, Catherine MacWillie, the Chief Executive Officer, stated that:

"America is a great country and each of us has a responsibility to act in her best interest and not just to look at the bottom line of a profit and loss statement in making decisions as a company, as executive officers and as individuals. In fact we are acting in direct opposition to the advice of several business consultants, vendors and investors whom ultimately we did not accept funding from so that we could keep jobs here in the United States. This has placed a great hardship on us as a company with our limited financial resources because we are just launching after ten years of research and two years in web site development. This decision is all the more difficult when you consider that the purpose of this company is to reduce the trauma, drama and devastation of divorce on families and children. So we could easily have argued that the benefits of putting Custody Calculations in place sooner and with less cost would have been worth the savings until we were on more secure footing financially and otherwise. But we feel we can do both, support jobs in America and launch our web site.

"While this decision does put us at risk we felt the issue was important enough to take a stand on now. We also felt that if we could pre-sell our services now to the very companies we are seeking to support and started knocking on the doors of many local and national unions that we would be welcomed. We need the support of only 90 companies to obtain our services on behalf of their membership with our wellness program, which can be obtained in the amount of $1,000.00. Another 90 individuals, attorneys or courts can sign up for different services with deposits starting at only $150.00. And because we are an automated internet system we can provide services nationally. Meaning that a combination of 180 individuals, businesses, unions or organizations anywhere in the United States is all that is needed to change the face of family law in this country. Incredible really when you consider that we are not talking about the requirement of a thousand, or two thousand people, we are not talking about millions and millions of dollars, and we are not talking about the need to pass any new laws or change any laws. We are just talking about the commitment of 90 organizations and 90 people signing up for services right now! How can anyone who has been a victim of this system say that this is not worth such a small price to commit to this change right now>"

A police officer for twenty three years with the Los Angeles Police Department, Catherine MacWillie began researching the issue of divorce 10 years ago after identifying that perhaps as much as 25% of all crime in this country is related to family law, homicides, suicides, kidnaps, abductions, child abuse, domestic violence, violation of court orders and more. But the impact of family law does not stop there. Custody Calculations identified the impact of family law on schools and classrooms, hospitals, emergency rooms, fire departments, social service departments, businesses, real estate, bankruptcy, finance companies, even the workman's compensation system, employee accidents, hostile work environments, sexual discrimination and violence in the workplace in their research.

By rethinking the whole divorce process, Custody Calculations identified seven functions that could be made available though an automated internet web site to improve the entire system from the individual all the way through to the court system regardless of location. This was a significant issue if there was going to be a truly effective change to family law and the family law system. For reliability Custody Calculations chose Oracle and Java business systems. Using a highly complex and patented design Custody Calculations will be able to provide attorney's, courts, individuals, 730 evaluators, mediators, pro fathers and pro mothers groups with the ability to identify mathematically custody percentages for fair payment and receipt of child support eliminating the prior best guess or best argument scenario.

Custody Calculations also identified that by organizing court orders into three categories, Custody, Financial, Property they will also be able to reduce the number of court orders valid at any one time and provide for the privacy and dignity of parties during and after a divorce. This is because police officers, school administrators and others will no longer view financial information, credit card information, child support or alimony information, when they are dealing with issues related to custody and vice versa. Agencies dealing with financial issues will not obtain information related to custody information, which can have the additional impact to bias employers, police, detectives and court in looking at other aspects of a case.

After identifying these issues Custody Calculations took it to the next level with the desire to reduce the number of court appearances in each case, which will ultimately reduce the burden that is currently placed on the courts. This was accomplished by developing a comprehensive template of court orders organized into fifty categories. By providing divorcing parties with nearly everything they need from the onset of their divorce instead of requiring the parties to return to court each time to deal with new issues we will eventually see a reduction in the court backlog.

This will ultimately allow the courts to hear issues on a more timely basis. Other issues identified included the use of making the language more simple to understand ensuring that divorcing parties know exactly what is required of them and when. Eliminating complicated language will also mean better enforcement by police officers and others tasked with this responsibility and eliminate the “I am sorry I did not understand the court order” so often heard by police, attorney's and the courts by the divorcing parties.

Another first for family law by Custody Calculations is the ability to provide court orders that are date specific so that no one will ever again leave their child alone at school or any other location believing that they thought that it was the responsibility of the other parent to pick them up. Providing for the safety of children in ways never before conceived of or thought possible was a primary goal for the company.

With a police background, this CEO is not your average business executive. To obtain additional information on the impact of family law or to sign up for services now go to their promotion web site or email them at sales @, media questions go to media @ Final services slated to go live July 31, 2006. Mailing address is P.O. Box 27740, Las Vegas, Nevada 89126, 702-375-9389.

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