Snoop Dogg Anticipates Daz Dillingers Album to be the Biggest Album in August

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Multi-platinum Producer and Hip Hop artist Daz Dillinger's is releasing the biggest anticipated album this summer.

Not only are industry insiders saying that Jermaine Dupri has created a big power move by aligning with Daz Dillinger, the West Coast legend Snoop Dogg is also stating that Daz Dillinger has made the best album out. Daz Dillinger's So So Gangsta appeals to every day people. Daz Dillinger explains, "Everyone can't afford to bling it out, everyone can't afford the nice cars. I create for every day people. I create for the normal people. I create for people that are struggling and trying to survive. I rap for the fathers struggling to feed their children. I rap supporting the mothers who are trying to make it every day at a nine - to five. I rap for the working class, the hustlers, and the shrinking middle class." Everyone in the industry anticipates Daz Dillinger's album with his first single being "On Some Real Sh*t!". He certainly continues Snoop Dogg has anticipated Daz Dillingers album "I support this album. I stand behind it because I've heard the album. It's a 10/10. Daz keeps getting better and better."

Daz Dillinger's radio coordinator is certain by the buzz that Daz Dillinger's album will get constant replay and play in the clubs, DJ Who explains, "I have not had one bad complaint about Daz's new album. Everyone is hounding me to get the whole album ahead of time. I've never had so many DJs give favorable reviews for his album. Club DJs, Radio station DJs, Mixtape DJs are all in unison that this album is in their top 5 play list." Brian Mccullin,national director explains, "Daz Dillinger has so many people supporting him. The fans are really anticipating him with so much positive energy. He is finally getting the shine he deserves." Daz Dillinger remains close to his fan base by interacting with his fans via unique methods: myspace, his forum, and his own fan mail that he has set up. Arnold White, Vice President of Promotions reveals, Daz Dillinger likes to see the comments, he checks every day he even visits the fans site to hear their music and etc. I think his ability to be so grounded and connected has made his fan base grow throughout the years."

Daz Dillinger, not one to hoard the spotlight, has really primarily stayed in the background and connected with his underground fan base with his label G.A.R./DPGC. He never took full credit for his ability to bring Tupac's career back to life with his wonderful productions on "All Eyez On Me". With his connection with Jermaine Dupri also a producer and a mogul in the music industry, Daz Dillinger believes that he has perfected his talent and his craft and art. Daz Dillinger explains, "With JD, you have to make the best album. This album has to be perfected to its finest state." Dillinger continues, "I gave it my best and continue to do so because JD doesn't stop until it's perfect."    This album is the corner stone for the West Coast brand on the So So Def label. Jermaine Dupri understood that by having Daz Dillinger on board that So So Def will have a fan base in California but all over the world, as Daz has become a universal lyricist as well as a phenomenal producer. Ms. Miller, Vice President of DPGC/GAR Records states, "Daz is a genius really. He just didn't get any credit until now. He was already in the south pre the south wave. He understands what works and he predicts and moves out immediately." Ms. Miller, closes by saying, "Watch everyone will state 'So So Gangsta will be So So Def'."

About Daz Dillinger:

One of the most important members of the West Coast empire is producer/rapper Daz Dillinger. He has worked alongside some of the West Coast's best rappers. Along with Kurupt, Nate Dogg, and Snoop Dogg, Dillinger was one of the Long Beach, CA, clique that had been introduced to Dr. Dre through Warren G during the preliminary stages of the legendary Chronic album. Daz Dillinger's contributions to Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle album as a rapper quickly established him as one of the most deadliest gangster writers on the West Coast.

Daz Dillinger not one to love the spotlight or hoard the spotlight, never really took the credit of helping give Tupac the platform to be the biggest artist in the world, with his music. Tupac chose Daz to be the leading producer for All Eyez on Me. His production helped make 2Pac's All Eyez on Me become so much of a success, he was chosen to be Dr. Dre's successor for the production of Snoop's Tha Doggfather album. Following the departure of Dr. Dre, the death of 2Pac, and the imprisonment of Suge Knight, Death Row suddenly lost its momentum; however, Daz Dillinger's career as a producer still flourished, working with artists ranging from Black Eyed Peaz to the South's King, TI.

Daz Dillinger is one of the most outspoken gangsters out of DPGC and

continues to keep it totally gangsta. No matter where Daz goes in life, he is one of the most feared Hustlers throughout the United States. With street credibility throughout the nation, he can be dubbed as a global gangster.

Daz has found a new home with Jermaine Dupri at So So Def, on which he will debut his album So So Gangsta. He is expected to deliver another smash, street music album.

Daz Dillinger has created DPGC and Gangster Advisory Records. Both record labels' intent is to provide content, music and beats that honor authentic street music.

About GAR:

Gangsta Advisory Records is an independent record label and entertainment firm with the sole purpose of providing artists with a real platform to express themselves in a very raw and unsaturated manner. GAR is headed by CEO, Multi-platinum Producer, Rap Artist Daz Dillinger and President of Promotions, Big A. This corporation is one of the fastest growing corporations currently on the Independent scene.

Label Info:


Shemia Miller

Dogg Pound Gangsta Clique Records, VP of Publicity

Tavares Carney

DPGC Records, Senior PR Assistant

(313) 673-4270

Brian McCullin

DPGC Records, National Director

(310) 715-2750

For more information:
Phone: (313) 673-4270


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