Londoners Overcome Their Fear of Flying

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Vision Coaching Services one of the UK's leading Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Personal Development Organisations announces that with summer fast on the way, more and more Londoners are choosing to conquer their fear of flying for good.

Many Londoners’ particularly at this time of year are turning their thoughts to a well deserved summer holiday. It is estimated that 1 in 10 Londoners have such a fear they avoid flying, settling instead for UK destinations; or those who do book holidays abroad are unable to look forward to their holiday due to their irrational dread of flying; or for some sweaty palms in turbulence or being so high up can make air travel very unpleasant indeed.

Vision highlights, even at airports all the wrong words are used unintentionally which condition people to fear flying. Examples of such expressions include “terminal, final destination, final approach, insurance desk, departure lounge and last and final call. Particularly post September the 11th peoples fears are brought to the fore with armed police are highly visible adding to the tension. Many Londoners simply do not enjoy air travel and are turning to Vision based in London to overcome their fear for good.

London based Vision Coaching Services, with consulting rooms in Ealing and Clapham, uses the most advanced hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Personal Development Techniques ensure Londoners overcome their fear for good. Hypnotherapy is one the most effective and easy methods to ‘cure’ phobias of all types. Hypnotherapy is used by people of all walks of life to overcome all sorts of phobias such as fear of dogs, fear of snakes, claustrophobia, fear of heights, agoraphobia, fear of dental treatment and more common today a fear of tube travel.

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe enjoyable and relaxing experience, a pleasant state of altered awareness (or trance state). This is a state which you already have great experience of when day dreaming, when your mind wanders off on long journeys, when totally engrossed in music or TV or during meditation. Contrary to popular myth you do not go to sleep, clients are totally in control, aware of all their senses and alert to what is happening at all times. Our clients report that they greatly enjoy the experience and have never felts so relaxed after the session which takes just over an hour. Vision has been helping Londoners to overcome their fear of flying once and for all, as well as see other benefits they hadn't imagined – regaining a new vigor for life and achieving new goals.

Chris Thomas of Vision Coaching Services stated today, that flying phobias can be caused by either by conditioning stemming from a single frightening event; masked general anxieties from past experience, learned gradually over time either first hand or from others, or as a result of 'distorted' thoughts about airtravel. These fears are usually irrational and are usually deep within our subconscious. We work with clients to teach their subconscious directly to enjoy or even be excited about flying. This has dramatic effects which means feelings of anxiety usually experienced simply are replaced with more appropriate feelings such as relaxation or excitement. We are working with an increasing amount of Londoners this time of year to help them change the way they feel and react when faced with the prospect of flying. There is no reason to fear flying any longer.

About Vision Coaching Services and Chris Thomas

Vision Coaching Services is one of the UK’s leading Personal Development Organisations, headed by Chris Thomas one of the UK’s most experienced and highly demanded hypnotherapists, NLP Trainer and Executive Coach. Chris regularly runs workshops for personal change and development. Vision's Clients report those personal breakthrough sessions with Vision has made a marked improvement in their lives and their down to earth approach and easy going manner is refreshing in this day and age. Vision work with clients to overcome such issues as stress, self confidence, panic attacks, phobias, stop smoking, relationships and performance enhancement. Vision is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and is registered for NHS and GP referrals.

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