Innovative Gas or Diesel Fuel Additive, BioPerformance™, Saves And Gives Americans Millions of Dollars

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Americans are swamped daily with horror stories about skyrocketing fuel prices. Billions of dollars are paid in commissions to the energy giants, but many broken dreams for the retail end consumers. But for 45,000 Americans it has been quite different. They have had a chance to fight back with a fuel additive, in form of capsule or powder, named BioPerformance™ Fuel.

The pill or powder, had already been in use in other parts of the hemisphere, for approximately 18 years. But by demand or miracle, made its way to the United States. The company which holds the legal distribution rights to this innovative product opened for business in December 8th, 2005. The company is BioPerformance™, Inc. Their headquarters are based in the Dallas, TX, with Mr. Lowell Mims as President and Mr. Gus Romero, as Vice-President & Co-Founder. Both have established a 5 fold mission for this company, which is to:

     1. Reduce pollution...

     2. Save precious fuel...

     3. Reduce demand for fuel...

     4. Create 1,000 millionaires...

     5. Be a company of integrity...

(Click to read their entire 5 fold mission:

BioPerformance™, Inc. distributes their product using the most powerful tool known to many companies, which is by word of mouth. Also known as network-marketing. First, they recommend people try the product in the vehicle of choice. Carefully, following instructions on the recommended dosages. These can be found on the website. (Click to read proper instructions: Second, they encourage consumers to mail in their experience with the product. The testimony must be a sworn and notarized Affidavit made under oath. Finally, the satisfied consumer then turns around and recommends the product to another person. When this is done, the one who referred may be able to receive commissions from that sale. It all depends on the position they hold with BioPerformance™, Inc. at that particular time.

Not only are Americans saving money with better fuel yields, but they are also making money by referring others to use the product! As of May 11th, 2006, well over 45,000 American consumers have joined this company following those steps for hopes of a better environment and financial future. Sales have been extraordinary and well over $25,000,000.00! And constantly, breaking their day to day sales records! The hits and traffic rank for this company's, according to, is at the 6,685 most visited, in the world! "This is a perfect product for a perfect market. The company has set it up to be a great opportunity for those seeking to save on fuel and at the same time have the opportunity to earn a very lucrative income! The sky is the limit with BioPerformance™ and their product", said a very enthusiastic local Area Manager. The proper way to try this product is to purchase from a satisfied consumer of BioPerformance™ Fuel. The "Top Secret Gas Pill" is now available in America to capitalize on its incredible fuel saving power and opportunity.

Learn why this innovative and spectacular product is giving many people much to talk about lately.

Retail cost is as follows:

BioPerformance Fuel-80 pills $75.00 or BioPerformance Fuel- 200 grams powder (20% more quantity than pills) $75.00

Their guarantee is as follows: BioPerformance™, Inc. guarantees the use of BioPerformance™ Fuel to be safe to use in any internal combustion engine. If BioPerformance™ , Inc. can be shown in any test to have damaged any internal combustion engine, BioPerformance™ , Inc. will replace the damaged parts of the engine for free of charge.

The website address can be viewed at: to order this product or join as a member. Also, there you will find facts on independent studies performed by ISO 9000 laboratories and testimonies of current users. Plus current standings of the company and much more.


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