Well-known New York Publicist Must Sell Hour of Time on Ebay to Pay Premium-Level Cable Bill

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Worldwide auction will end May 19th with major media companies, celebrities, and authors among the expected bidders. Checks, money orders and Paypal accepted.

Well-known New York publicist Jeff Barge, whose celebrity clientele is frequently seen in the pages of the Sunday Times of London, the Australian, the Wall Street Journal, and others, announced today that he would begin auctioning hours of his time through the Ebay online auction service in order to pay his premium-level cable service.

“The premium-level programs that are currently airing on cable are essential to my exuberant Manhattan lifestyle,” notes Barge, 38, whose clients have ranged from Alka-Seltzer, Pilot Pen, self-help authors, investment banks, interest groups, self-help gurus, large consulting firms, small consulting firms, websites, law firms, playwrights and producers, real estate appraisers, and others. “I find even Court TV to be essential viewing.”

The auction is to commence on Ebay on May 9, with the opening bid of $50 for the single hour currently on offer. “Many in Manhattan charge $500 or more per hour for their services – and $2000 or more for an ‘overnighter’ -- making this meager $50 opening bid an extreme bargain.”

A bid can be placed through this link: http://301url.com/28d

Barge is perhaps most famous for a public relations campaign earlier in the century for a pen company that caused sales of purple pens to skyrocket by an estimate 25% over the course of several years. http://301url.com/28c For another campaign, Barge was able to bring the phrase “desk rage” into the common parlance. http://301url.com/28b As a result of these insightful campaigns, Barge’s clients have appeared on shows such as The Today Show, the O’Reilly Factor, CBS This Morning, and even the Colbert Report. Each year on April 1, Barge himself is the focus of media attention when his annual April Fool’s Day listing of the Most Foolish Americans is released to international acclaim. http://301url.com/28a http://301url.com/2au
http://301url.com/2aw http://301url.com/2az

Although he leads a modest life, Barge’s career has not been without its controversies. An article for the New York Times written by Barge questioning the honesty of the public relations profession was killed at the 11th hour by an editor there as “too hot to handle.” And another incident in his life is currently forming the inspiration for a team of talent led by well-known actress Sarah Jessica Parker – with a Broadway play as the likely result. “It’s flattering that others can find inspiration from the wreckage of my life,” notes Barge. “I’ll send an invoice."

In the hour being offered on Ebay, Barge will meet with his new client over the phone to find out what that client’s best “story” really is, and then present a “hook” for that client to get into newspaper, radio and television, and present a two-page strategy plan at the end of the consultation. “Most of what I will end up telling you will be blindingly obvious stuff that you probably could have figured out for yourself,” says Barge. “But not all of it – and it’s that last 10%, that part that my friend Oprah calls the “Aha! Factor,” that will let you close the deal and get yourself in the newspaper or on radio or TV.” Coincidentally, Barge once commissioned a survey about Oprah on behalf of a client. http://301url.com/28e

“The media is looking for a good story, and every company and individual has one,” says Barge. “Whether or not a company wants to tell that story is entirely another matter, of course.”

International corporations may bid, but must communicate by Internet. “I once had a $500 phone bill to Canada, and I’m not going to let that happen again,” says Barge.

In the field of print media, Barge has been consistent in getting clients coverage in papers including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Seattle Post Intelligencer, the Miami Herald, the Houston Chronicle, the Dallas Morning News, the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, the San Antonio Express News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the New York Post, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Chicago Tribune, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the San Jose Mercury News, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Time magazine, Fortune magazine, Business Week magazine, People magazine, and others.

Well-known in his field, Barge has become famous as the innovator for a whole new generation of proprietary press release formats, including the “Truth Pill,” the “Left Fielder,” the "Trojan Horse," and others too secret to mention. “Typically I only work with celebrities and large corporations,” says Barge, who notes that he is much more famous in Japan and Australia than in his home country of the United States. “So this is a truly rare opportunity for some lucky, lucky bidder.”

Prior to his fall into the abyss, Barge was a journalist for a number of leading local and national business publications. His favorite new book? "The Washingtonienne," by Jessica Cutler. Favorite actors? "Nathan Lane and Bette Midler, of course. They're fearless."


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